I love this feature because it gives me an opportunity to showcase all the lovely things you’ve been creating throughout the week! There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting on my arse with a cup of coffee, surfing blogs, so this feature on my blog is TOTALLY self-serving. Hah! It also gives you guys a way to find one another and make connections you might not have otherwise made, so if you did something that really made you proud this week, please blog about it and add your link! Alternatively, you can post links to images on Flickr.

Here’s My Shiny

I have two pieces that I’m really proud of this week. The first is a painting I did for Moonshine: Mother (which will run again as a self-guided experience with registration opening in December). This is what we call ‘trance journaling’ in these here parts: turn on some ambient music and go for it  – no plan, no idea what might come through – just go…


The words pasted there are from a song I’ve loved for years and years called “Hymn to Her” by The Pretenders. Here it is on YouTube.

Here’s the direct link for those who are getting this in a reader/e-mail.

My other bit of shiny is a piece of art I did just for me while I was hanging out at The Art House Studio. The Art House has an open art journal night every second Thursday, and the loveliest people attend. It is so good to art in company for once, and I always have a good time.

This spread started as sheer play, and once it was finished I had no idea what to do with it. One of the ladies suggested a gratitude or thanksgiving spread, and voila! Done like turkey dinner!


This was mostly made with High Flow acrylics by Golden. the leaves are skeleton leaves that I glued down and then painted and shaded. The text is done with a Sakura Glaze pen, which beads up a bit on the High Flows (good to know for future reference). It wasn’t unworkable – I just had to be patient and write slowly, but next time I use Sakura on High Flows I will a) make sure it is truly, completely dry first and b) apply a layer of matte medium before doing anything else.

What’s Coming Up

I will announce the winners of both the seat in Life Book 2014 and the lovely set of Jane’s stencils tomorrow! I’m also really excited to tell you that registration for Life Book 2014 opens tomorrow!!!! YEE HAW!!


Please add your link so we can swoon over YOUR shiny!

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