About Me

935734_507534892629126_1902830315_nHello! I am the pajama clad mystic den mama & spiritual outlaw who brings you Book of Days,& Moonshine. I've also taught two years running in Life Book! You probably know me as Effy Wild from Facebook, Youtube, or my blog!

My name isn’t really Effy Wild. Effy was born out of a deep desire to try my hand at art journaling but without risking the kind of vulnerability that comes when one takes on a new endeavour for all the world to see. I just couldn’t face the thought of having my tender bits hanging out for my family of origin or, really, anyone I knew to see. I felt incredibly tender as I embarked on my artsy journey, so I did it all on the down low with an assumed name so I could sign up for various workshops and classes without anyone knowing who the hell I was, really.

In the process I discovered who the hell I was, really. Funny, that.

So, while Effy Wild isn’t my ‘real’ name, it is my truest incarnation. It is the wild, fierce, brave, precious, wicked, juiced up, tenacious, paint-spattered self that lay in wait to be born in all the years I stumbled from one hobby to another without much success or satisfaction. It is a name created from the first initial of my first name (F led to Eff which made me think of Effin’, Elfin, Eff That, and finally Effy) and the word “Wild” which spoke to me of some heretofore dormant potential within a woman who had become jaded, bored, frustratingly scattered, and spiritually drained. In choosing the name, I chose a new path and that path led to this:

I love my life. I think I can help you come to a place where you love your life, too. I write and art about that, amongst other things.

There is a full blown article and interview about me  by Tamara LaPorte over here on Willowing and another one here on DirtyFootPrints.Com.


Since 2010, I have taken a bazillion on line e-courses in art journaling, mixed media art, sketching, and even life coaching. I've added these newly acquired skills to my previously acquired knowledge around working with nature, the subconscious mind, recovery from childhood abuse and developing spiritual practices that work to create an art journaling practice that really *means* something.


One of the most powerful uses I've discovered for art journaling is the direct line of communication it gives me with aspects of myself I might not otherwise have access to. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, connecting with these aspects of self has been incredibly important to my recovery, and I am so grateful that I discovered this tool in the second half of my life.

In working with women in the mixed media art community, I have come to recognize that it isn't just the survivours of extreme trauma that need this kind of access to their subconscious mind. Everyone can do with a way to connect with their inner child, their inner divinity, their inner parent, their inner critic. Everyone can benefit from learning how to dig deep and come back into the moment with new information that they can apply to their own healing. I've developed a kind of 'artful shamanism' that serves the artist just as well as the medicine men of old served their villages. You go deep. You explore the wound. You come back with artfully created healing salve for the things that stand between you and living the one wild and precious life you've got. It is a kind of practical magic that can be used by anyone, of any skill level to address whatever issues they might be facing.

It's lovely to meet you!

Much Love & Lotsa Glitter,