BADASS Art Journal 2017 WINNER

BADASS Art Journal 2017 WINNER

Thanks for playing! The winner is Lillian (email begins with sugarbirds)! I have already emailed Tiare with your info! CONGRATS!!

I have been so incredibly honoured to be asked to teach in One BADASS Art Journal 2017 alongside with these GORGEOUS mixed media artists:

 All of us will be doing our level best to help you create the most BADASS art journal you possibly can by sharing our tips, tricks, and badass techniques.

(Can you tell I am really excited about getting say BADASS a whole lot? :D)

To get more information on the class (or to sign up) please pop on over here.

BHD – Feeling More Like Myself Again + Two Speed Painting Videos

BHD – Feeling More Like Myself Again + Two Speed Painting Videos

This past week was a bit of pain in my ass. I had TWO SD cards fail on me, which put me in a foul mood, and way behind on all the things. On the other hand, I caught myself singing along to the music I was putting into my videos, so that's a thing.

Here are the links to the things I'm teaching in next year!

I'll be back with links to register for Book Of Days 2017 very shortly. :)

I also created this slide show + sneak peek at a bonus lesson in Facing Forward II, which we finished up this past week. What was supposed to be 8 lessons ended up being twelve, because I'm rad like that.

You can still register for Facing Forward II! It comes with indefinite access and downloadable content, and we have a lovely Facebook Group to commune in. The class can be easily stretched out and enjoyed over a period of a year, if you're pressed for time, or you can complete it in approximately 10 weeks, if you're an busy bee.


Regularly priced at $79.00, this is the Beloveds Discount Link.

AND I also created this quick video for Journal52.

I was feeling super rebellious when I made this spread, and I wanted to express all the ways I am imperfect, and not sorry about it. This spread was created in my sweet trash journal, and the first layer was black gesso.


I plan to be very busy for the rest of the week, getting things prepared for 2017. I hope you have a fantastic week!



BHD – Your Piece of The Work

BHD – Your Piece of The Work

Every week in Book Of Days (registration for 2017 opening soon - please sign up for my newsletter to get notified), I come face to face with my tribe with my coffee, my tarot cards, and my bed head to talk about what's happening in my world, and how I'm feeling about the week ahead. These are called "The Bed Head Diaries".

I decided that I really want to share edited versions of these diaries with my entire tribe, in case they are helpful or of some use.

This week's BHD covers 'your piece of the work', and explores 'going dark' as a form of self-care. I also pull tarot for my tribe this week, and we talk about the 8 of cups.

If you find the BHD helpful, and you'd like to support my work in the world, please consider tossing a buck or two in my tip jar.

Going Dark, But Not All The Way

Going Dark, But Not All The Way

I had coffee last night after 8 p.m. despite knowing that I am way too middle aged for that. It kept me up way past my bed time last night, and so, I lost about three hours of day today. I usually get up at around seven or eight. I didn't manage to crawl out of the nest until ten.

Despite knowing how exhausted I would be today, and how pressed for time I'd feel, and how stressed, I let myself just stay up, since that's what my body was going to do anyway. I connected with friends on social media. I watched a few episodes of a really compelling series on Netflix (The Jinx. It's bingeworthy if you like true crime.). I talked out loud to my dog, who is the best listener ever.

I knew I'd be exhausted today (and I am), but after a few weeks of holding my breath, being very careful every where I live (about what I say, about who I say it to, about how I say it), the pure, unadulterated freedom to just *be* with myself for a few hours was well worth it.

I was going to push through today. I was going to film and edit and do all the things that I'd deemed needful. And then I realized that I could switch some things around so that everyone gets more in the end, but I get room to breathe.

I admit I'm congratulating myself for that right now as I face a good six hours of NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO in TOTAL SOLITUDE for the first time in what feels like forever.

Self-care. It's a thing, and sometimes, it requires us to go dark, even if only for a few hours.


I know there's a lot of division on line around the #artistsforlove movement, and I know you'll probably look at me side-eyed if I don't mention it, so I will. I'm listening, but not today. Today, I need to be with myself in contentment. Today I need to be in solidarity with myself, and with my need for some time and space that doesn't include difficult conversations. I've been having difficult conversations for months leading up to this election, and I am pretty burnt out.

I hear some of you whisper "White tears. White privilege." Okay. I accept that. I know that there are people who have been having these difficult conversations their whole life. I know that my privilege makes it possible for me to *choose* to have these conversations or not. I'm not looking for a medal because I'm choosing to have them, either. I know I have a platform (I built it myself), and I know I can use it for good or ill (and indifference, in my opinion, is evil in times like these). I wish I knew how to do the things I'm doing 'right' or 'better'. I listen, but I hear many opposing views. The safety pin. The #artistsforlove movement. What to say. How to say it. Who to say it to. When to shut up and listen. When to speak up.

I'm trying, and I'm going to fail at least as much as I succeed. My definition of success isn't even well-defined enough at this point to know what the hell success even looks like, so I mostly see the ways I'm failing. I know this much, though - if even one person feels a little bit seen, heard, loved, acknowledged, or witnessed by these eyes and this heart, that's enough. That's enough of a reason to keep on entering the fray, telling my stories, standing up for what I believe in.

I don't know the answers. I don't. I only know that it feels important to say I SEE YOU, I STAND WITH YOU. That is what I'm convicted to do. I'm not doing it for the sake of self-promotion. Believe me, it would be a lot better for my business if I kept my mouth shut. I'm doing it because I feel *convicted to do it*.

I know I have no right to ask anyone to come at me with kindness. You must come at me as you are convicted to come at me. If you must come at me, come. I will hold it as best I can.

I will endeavour to remain kind, and I will probably fail at that at times, too, but I promise to try.

But for today, I will be over here in my hard won little sanctuary, going a bit dark, but only for a little while, refilling the well from which I wish to pour & pour & pour.