effynowMy name is Effy, and I'm a journal artist, on line teacher, and creativity coach. I like to write about art journaling, intentional creativity, creative business, and my personal and ever evolving brand of 'woo woo magpie' spirituality. I also tend to write a lot about my very ordinary life in an attempt to foster a sense of appreciation, mindfulness, and reverence for what IS. I overshare. :) You have been warned!

There is a full blown article and interview about me  by Tamara LaPorte over here on Willowing and another one here on DirtyFootPrints.Com.

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Impostor Syndrome & What Makes An Artist

I'm over starting every post with "The One In Which..." It was fun for a while but it started feeling a bit limiting. It was a trick I used to get myself blogging again after feeling like blogging was too much work, and it helped A LOT but I don't need it anymore.... read more

The One In Which I Talk About All The Things

It's Monday, and a lot has gone on since last we typed, so I'm going to take it thing by thing. The TL;DR version: 1) It's been very fricken cold here. So cold that my social life took a nose dive. 2) I took myself to the salon to get my hair did. 3) I ended up in ER... read more

Radiant Faces Update! Get it now for $45.00!

Hello, lovely beings! I am really excited to offer you Radiant: Faces in its self-guided mode for $45. All content is downloadable and will remain up in the classroom until October 31, 2015. I know that many of you wanted to sign up while the class was live but for... read more

The One In Which I Work On Not Numbing Out

So, balancing my meat space life and virtual life is my intention for February, and I am feeling a lot more balanced about things. Something about just saying 'this is what I'm working on' is extremely effective for me. I think it's because I'm a journaler. It's... read more

The One In Which I Talk To You About Nastygrams

I was talking with a dear friend the other day about the craziness that is creative business and how it can be a very scary thing to grow. When I first started, it seemed to be simple mathematics that the larger your number of students/clients/lovers of your stuff,... read more

The One In Which I Offer You A Quickie

I just wanted to pop in with this: The perfect pixie cut + bonus flannel This cut made me so freaking happy. Also, I got my eyebrows done (waxed) for the first time in - oh - a year. Self-care win! Also, this: My beacon of gentle joy, created for Life Book 2015. And... read more

The One In Which I Catch You Up

I have a lot to cover in this post, so bear with me. It's picture heavy and TL;DR. :) I did a mini-retreat in December shortly before the holidays. This was the second year I checked into the Frederick Street Inn here in Kitchener for a few days of no work and lots of... read more

BOD 2015 Winner Announced!

I had a giveaway for a free seat in Book Of Days 2015 - Volume One and today, I drew the winning entry! YAY! Congratulations!! I've already emailed you. xo We began today with opening ceremonies in which I walked everyone through decorating the cover with intention.... read more

The One In Which I Sing An Ode To Gentle Joy

If you're looking for the Bloom True giveaway info, you can find it here. Hello, my loves! I am here to ramble, so please pardon the inevitable derailed trains of thought all over the place. I have a few things I want to share, and none of them are connected, so here... read more

Today Only!

Today only, by which I mean until I remember to shut it down, you can get Radiant:Faces for %50 off. Just apply coupon code boxingday to your purchase and you can have the class for $44.50! The live portion of the class is now finished, which means that all the... read more

The One In Which I Thank You For Anchoring Me To This Life

TRIGGER ALERT: Depression, suicidal ideation. If the trigger label didn't scare you off, please take a moment to center yourself before you read. This one is a doozy. I haven't opened anything up for registration for 2015. Some of you might be wondering why. I have... read more

Yesterday Was…

I had therapy so I had to don the winter woolies and venture out into a world that felt like it was trying to kill me what with the cold and the icy stabby things falling out of the sky. Thankfully, the bus stop is a mere minute from my house, so I only had to spend... read more

The One In Which I Return To The World

I spent most of yesterday gluing little tiny pieces of the Farmer's Almanac from 2014 into a sketched landscape in my journal for Moonshine (a lesson that will go live tomorrow or Tuesday depending on how much of it I can finish today), and then, when I could glue no... read more

A Studio Tour & A Radiant Tour

I spent some time preparing the studio for my return to work on Monday. I added a third Ikea Raskog cart to my collection and got it all filled up with supplies, washed my brushes (which had been languishing in dirty water for over a week), and reorganized things a... read more

Pushing Myself & An Ode To My Ex

Resting is not something that comes easily to me. I think I have a built in 'busy' bone that is not happy unless I'm doing something, and though I am a huge fan and promoter of self-care and rest as sacred and essential, I often find myself failing myself in the rest... read more

Book Of Days: Facing Foward


Six week art journaling and life documentation class begins September 4th