I am so excited to announce that I have put together an amazing collaborative experience for you in which you will get to sit down (virtually, of course) with me, Effy, and a dream team of FIFTEEN of my favourite mixed media art teachers. Together, we are going to immerse ourselves in the whys and hows of mixed media art journaling through thirteen full lessons, two bonus lessons and SIXTEEN ADDITIONAL LESSONS by yours truly!

Check out this list of names:

button300Tamara Laporte, Tangie Baxter, Dyan Reaveley, Sarah Trumpp, France Papillon, Micki Wilde, Juna Biagioni, Iris Fritschi-Cussens, Marieke Blokland, Nolwenn Petitbois, Jeanette Montero, Kelly Hoernig, Felicia Borges, Wyanne Thompson AND bonus lessons by Andrea Schroeder & Chelle Stein!

What makes this class really special for me (and maybe for you, too) is that along with the lessons and musings from your teachers you will also get a full length video walk through of my own personal take on each teacher’s lesson! In other words, I’ll be right there with you, in the learning trenches, making mistakes, working out substitutions, and figuring out how to apply each lesson to my own style of art! You will also get a full length lesson in ‘how to take an on line art class’ from me, Effy, and a tutorial in creating the Ultimate Class Notebook!

Here’s My Wee Mini Bio


So, to summarize, you get:

*13 full length and 2 bonus length lessons & musings on art journaling ‘whys and hows’ from fifteen incredible mixed media art teachers who range in experience from ‘veteran’ to ’emerging’.

*16 (at least) full length lessons & musings from your hostess, Effy Wild, that will walk you through each of the guest artist’s lessons so that you can get a real sense of how a student teacher might integrate what they learn into their own style and process.

*A private classroom in my on line creative network.

*Downloadable ‘yours to keep’ content, including the videos!

*A Facebook group in which you are welcome to commune with your fellow students & teachers.

*An immediate buffet of the guest artist lessons + new lessons released every two weeks by your hostess, Effy Wild.



At least 31 lessons for $99.00!
(15 by our guest artists and 16 by your hostess, Effy Wild)
Class is now in self-paced mode with teacher guidance from Effy Wild!

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(If you took Radiant last year, you don’t need this bundle! xo)

radiant300Last year, Radiant: Faces went live with eight guest artists and we enjoyed over 30 hours of video instruction + PDFs

in which we explored creating mixed media faces. Our guest teachers were Jane Davenport, Tamara Laporte, Christy Tomlinson, Julie Gibbons, Kylie Fowler, Jamie Severtson Dougherty, Dina Wakley, and Joanne Sharpe.

Radiant:Faces is available as a standalone, self-guided class for an unbelievable

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FAQ & Expections

Before purchasing, please consider the following:

*You must have high speed Internet with a reasonable amount of bandwidth to take this class. This class is not appropriate for those who are in dial-up or with very limited bandwidth caps on their service.

*You should have a basic level of computer savvy – how to open an email, how to click links, how to download content. There will be step by step instructions in the classroom, however, and if you do run into troubles, you can always e-mail Effy.

*Things happen: if a teacher gets sick, I will provide a substitute lesson. If I get sick, lessons might be delayed. Your patience will be great appreciated. :)

Who is this class best suited to?

We have teachers who range from veteran to emerging teachers in Radiant, and all lessons can be equally enjoyed by beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners.

What about supplies lists?

I am a firm believer in using what you have, but each teacher will provide you with a supplies list, and in each walkthrough that I do, I will offer substitution suggestions. I also offer a ‘favourite supplies’ list of my own in the Radiant: Art Journals info pack.

Will we do a lot of faces in Radiant II?

I expect a variety of subject matter in Radiant II, but given the artists I’ve chosen, I do expect a lot of faces. If faces are a real challenge for you, I would suggest taking Radiant I. I will also be offering suggestions to over come face fright in my walk through lessons in Radiant II.

What about the ‘Woo Woo’?

We have teachers ranging in spiritual affiliation from atheist right on through to pagan, and we will be talking about our art journal practice. For some of us, spirituality does come into play. If sharing of a spiritual nature makes you uncomfortable or challenges your moral convictions, and if you feel that you will be unable to ‘skip the woo woo’ or ignore those parts that make you uncomfortable, this class might not be for you.

Is there a healing component to this class?

Only in the sense that the teachers are each demonstrating how they, personally, use art journaling in their daily lives. Some might have a more ‘healing’ practice than others. Some might have a greater emphasis on personal development than others. Art journaling is good for everyone no matter what they are ‘using’ or ‘doing it’ for, however, so I guess the answer is yes. :D

What About Refunds?

I do not offer refunds. Please purchase with care.

What is expected of those participating in this class?

  • Have fun!
  • Move at your own pace!
  • If you have issues with a piece you’ve created, try not to self-denigrate. It’s cool to say “I dislike this piece” but it is really sad to read “I SUCK”. You are a learner. By default, you are a winner. :) Be kind to yourself.
  • Report all issues directly to me, Effy, at effythewild@gmail.com instead of posting issue related stuff in our public spaces.
  • Do not use the class as a group therapy experience. Please note that we are not qualified to handle extreme emotional duress.
  • Be extremely kind to one another.
  • Respect the hard work the teachers put into each lesson.
  • Do not spam our group or classroom with invitations to your group or class.
  • Do not post items for sale in any of our spaces.

Common sense, kindness, and respect. We’ve totally got this!



At least 31 lessons for $99.00!
(15 by our guest artists and 16 by your hostess, Effy Wild)
Class begins October 1, 2015

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Radiant:Faces as a standalone, self-guided class for an unbelievable

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