swoonblogI love this feature here on my blog because once a week, I get to see what YOU’VE been up to in your creative corner of the world! It works like this: create a blog post that showcases something you did this week that you think is shiny! It could be art, a photograph, some writing, a meal you cooked – and then put the link below so we can all come swoon over it!

My swoon this week is over an intuitive painting of the goddess, Demeter. She was created for Moonshine: Mother and she embodies everything I feel about mama earth. She was done after a meditation in which I went in to my own inner landscape with the question “How can I release what needs releasing?”

The message I got was “Here. Let me take that for you…”

The earth takes what we give her and transforms it. When we surrender what is no longer working, she composts it and helps us grow roses. It’s a fact I forget *all the time*, but this timely reminder did the trick.

I began with *no idea what I was going to do* for this painting. That is a huge part of my process and my very favourite way to work. Go in clueless. Let whatever wants to come through emerge.

She began with paint and mark making. Circles and lines feature strongly in my mark making. Something about the femininity of circles and the masculinity of lines creates a sense of balance for me. It is almost as if, in this part of the process, I’m performing some kind of alchemy – The Great Work of personal integration on paper.

2013-10-17 12.09.18I started here with reds and blacks and lots of etching.
The word ‘release’ is etched right into the wet paint.

2013-10-17 13.14.58

Moved into all sorts of mark making, drippage and stenciling.
Following every impulse.2013-10-17 13.30.26
There she is!

2013-10-17 13.42.57
Why grey? Why not?

2013-10-17 14.08.36Tending. Refining.
Loving on her fiercely with all the little details.

2013-10-17 14.35.44Voila! “I heard her say “Let me take that for you…”
Mixed media on paper.


I’m swooning over this piece because I ignored the slightly panicked voice that came up for me in the process. It kept on coming – “You are covering up too much. You are wasting paint. You are making her face GREY! WHY GREY? You suck. This is awful. How can you call yourself an artist?”

I nodded as these protestations came up, but I kept on going. I kept saying “Because, reasons. Because, I want to. Because, it works for me.” and plowing my way through the rocky soil of my own resistance.

Every time I sit down to paint intuitively, the voices come. I hear them. I nod. I acknowledge that they are scared I’m going to humiliate myself. And I paint anyway. I risk anyway. I try anyway.

That, my loves, is worthy of a Swoon!

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