Hello, Glitter Tribe! We Swoon today! I love this feature on my blog because I get to see what you’ve all been up to throughout the week! It works like this: create a blog post about something shiny that you did this week, be that a piece of art, a journal spread, something you wrote, an epiphany you had, a photograph you took – anything that makes you swell with pride. Pop the link in the Mister Linky below and we will all come visit. You can do some visiting, too, and get a gorgeous eyeful of what other people are swooning over! Fun, right?

My Shiny!

This week’s edition of Swoon was an easy pick for me. I worked on a composed painting of Demeter for Moonshine this week and I really loved the way she turned out. This painting is a ‘paint over collage’ that started with a black and white profile portrait. Her hair is made with paper napkins, crinkled up and glued down with satin varnish. Her face is mostly acrylics with a bit of Prismacolor pencil thrown in.

Here she is:


First, texture porn! This texture was achieved by crumpling up the tissue napkins, gluing them down in an overlapping manner, and then brayering over them with a layer of Golden fluid acrylics in Fine Gold. 1380034_587293431319938_1526755472_n

That glow you see on her cheeks and around her profile is the same Fine Gold paint that was used to achieve the shiny detail in her hair.


The shading that formed her cheek and jaw line was done with Prismacolor pencil in Black Raspberry, which I scrubbed out with a wet brush. The shading around her face and hair was done with a generous application of woodless charcoal, which I blended out with a tortillion (or blending stump).

I’m really pleased with her.


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