Hello, sweet taters! I got home from my class with Dina Wakely on Saturday evening completely SPENT and ready to sleeeeeeep for a thousand years. Eleven hours of arting is a long, long time! I learned so much, though, and on Sunday, I applied a lot of what I learned in a few art journal spreads. I knew I was going to want to share that work for Swoon, but there was no way I could do both art time + make a post.

So, here I am today!

This is what came out of the two classes I took with Dina at The Art House Studio on Saturday, November 9th  (“Facebook” + “Beyond The Ink Pad”)

I also did a video for you of a painting I made for Moonshine

On YouTube




In Other News

The most recently completed session of Book Of Days Premium is now open as a Self-Guided experience for $30 or more (pay what you can!)


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