I am kermit flailing and squeeing all over the place today because I get to tell you that I’ve got an awesome new blog series for you! YAY!!!!!


Lots of you have probably already heard that Donna Downey is discontinuing “Inspiration Wednesdays” (cue sobbing!), and maybe you were kinda bummed about it. I know *I* was bummed because I loved that series and really looked forward to watching the new video every Wednesday. Donna has been a huge inspiration of mine and taking classes with her in person and on line has really taken me to the next level. When I heard that she was retiring the series, my initial reaction was to have a totally bummed out moment. What was I going to have to look forward to on Wednesdays??

It took about a minute to make the decision to do my own series!

I’m wild like that. :)

Welcome to Wildly Inspired!


As often as human possible on Wednesdays, you’ll find a new video here complete with a supplies list. Sometimes the videos will be quick and dirty, and sometimes they will be a little more in depth. I will be tending to my need for ease throughout the series, so if I need a week off, I’ll take it, but I’ll make sure to let you know via my newsletter (which you can sign up for here).

This series begins with a cover design! I love starting a new journal, and I picked the Dylusions (smaller size – 5 x 8?) because I knew that it would be no problem to sit down and work in that size throughout the series. I work well with the paper now that I know what it will take and how to prepare it for my style (gesso!), and I love that I can pop it into a bag if I want to take it with me to a cafe somewhere!

I really wanted to honour the name of the series and explore what ‘wild’ means to me right now. Where there have been times in my life that ‘wild’ referred to a kind of feral nature (think wolfish), these days I’m feeling wild in the Bohemian sense of the word – sensual, pleasure driven, feminine. Here’s where I took that feeling tone.

direct link on YouTube


This is a free series, but your tips are appreciated!

Supplies Used

Dylusions journal (Small)
White gesso
Fluid acrylics
Matte medium + gel medium (matte)
Printed photograph
Portfolio water soluble oil pastels
Blending stump
Sticker border
Washi tape
Masking tape
Stamps + waterproof ink pad
Self leveling gel



The scrumptious front cover. Since I removed the elastic, I’m using an old Smash band to close the book


The back cover

And that’s it for this week! If you are playing along, feel free to pop a link to your images in the comments below or BETTER YET! Share in my on line community on Facebook!

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