I’m up ridonkulously early. Despite my newly minted single status, I still share a bed with the so-called ex (small house, best friends, lots of love between us, why not?) and oh my goddess, does he snore, and I lost my last pair of comfy silicone ear plugs (they are probably stuck in my hair, which happens with alarming regularity).

Up before the sun. Doesn’t happen often, but I secretly cherish it when it does because it makes me feel like Ben Franklin.

Speaking of which, have you see this?


This is Ben Franklin’s daily plan, and it makes me swoon. There is so much about this plan that I love, from the rising before the sun part to the ‘addressing the Powerful Goodness’ part, to the fact that he doesn’t scarf down a face full of lunch – no. He dines. DINES! He doesn’t just ‘get shit done’. No. He prosecutes the present! He doesn’t do the washing up. He puts things in their places. IN THEIR PLACES! He asks himself the hard questions! He examines his day. *Dies of swoon*.

Aside from totally nerdgasming over Ben Franklin’s daily planner, I am up at this wee hour thinking about you.


You are the Powerful Goodness Ben’s jamming about in his planner. Your hopes and dreams. Your kindness and how hard you try. The little things you do that are the divine’s hands on this world – the supportive word, the white knuckling it through, the act of kindness, the boundaried ‘NO’, the trying again, the willful refusal, the VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS, the prayers, the pleas, the songs of gratitude, the arias of sorrow.

How much you matter. How much you are a part of what makes up the powerful goodness – at least, in my little world, and I suspect in many worlds, seen and unseen.

I know that my saying you matter won’t touch the place within you that doubts it. I know that because it doesn’t matter how many times someone else tells me *I matter*, I still have my doubts (especially in the wee hours of the morning when life looms large and I’m not entirely sure how I can light up the darkness with my teensy tiny little spark of hope). Still. It’s good to be reminded, and at least reading those words “You Matter” set *my* head to bobbing in agreement as though I’d just heard something I’d long since forgotten. It gives me the opportunity to fake it ’till I make it. To remember that my every action can be a part of the powerful goodness in the world if I so choose. It reminds me I have power – the power of a tiny flame in the darkness.

So hey! You! You matter! Happy Monday!

You are the powerful goodness.

Love you,


P.S. I’m going to spend a little bit of time this morning building an ‘inspiration Monday’ post for my tribe over here. Come join us if you like. It’s free and full of powerful goodness.

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