blogalong2300Hola Sweet Taters!!! This is day 3 of my blog-along! In case you’re new here, this is what you need to know:

How It Works

I will be popping in here every day for 30 days to blog my heart out. Sometimes, I will get personal. Sometimes, I will just share an image or some art I’m working on. I will keep it as real as I can, even when that means I tell you I’m having a craptacular day. At the end of each post, you will find a Linky. Use it to include your latest post in the Blog-Along. There are no prizes except that new folks might find your blog and you get to find new folks. It isn’t a  competition or contest to see who can do it and who can’t. It’s a personal challenge, meant to increase your awareness and build your blogging habit.

Why Do It?

For me, blogging is self-care. Much like journaling, blogging helps me take a longer, more mindful look at what’s really happening in my life – around me & within me. Composing a blog post to describe that is therapeutic and creative – two things I value very much. Your reasons might differ. You might just want to build your blog audience or find new blogs to read. You might want to start a new blog with a bang. Whatever your reasons, you’re totally welcome to take my hand as we dive into this adventure together!!

April 3, 2014 – Witchcraft & Other Musings

1510910_654200771295870_462928617_nThis is me sitting in my arm chair in the living room in the little house that could. It was almost 7 p.m. and the sun was streaming in through the front window, bathing me in light. I closed my eyes and basked in it like it was a lover’s touch. I let it envelope me for a little while – a sacred, ordinary moment – and I knew in my heart of heart’s that spring had truly, officially arrived.

Today is better than recent days. I have a new distraction – the Manfingy had some good news yesterday and he wanted to share the goodness, so he bought me a Galaxy Note 3 to replace my broken iPhone. The iPhone is awesome and I am a bit of a Mac snob, but the truth is, my eyes and fingers need the bigger screen the Galaxy provides. So, happy geeky girl is having a moment of tech squee.

 Samsung_Galaxy_Note_3_35827011_33And there’s the sun. And there’s a total obsession with getting out there and getting social that I’m hoping will lead to a supportive, face-to-face network of people that aren’t hours away by car or plane, because lonely girl is LONELY despite her hermity tendencies. 

I have spent the last ten years pretty much consumed with family and relationship stuff. Subsumed is probably a better word, actually. And that has left me with a very rich and lovely on line network but my in-person network is – well – pretty limited. I have enjoyed going to karaoke with a few folks I’ve known for years, but I rarely go. I have always had family or relationship drama to attend to and so my answer to invites is usually YES! but that yes is usually followed by a regretful SORRY, CAN’T BECAUSE OMG DOOM!

I hate that about my life, and that is one part of the last ten years I am so done with. I want to say yes to friends and events and things that nourish my soul and I want to let the regularly occurring dramas be someone else’s problem for a while.

That’s possible now in a way it has never been before. My step-daughter? No longer my step-daughter. My kids? All grown and moved out. My spousal unit? No longer my spousal unit. There is no one I’m obligated to any more except myself and my clients.

There is the heartache and there is the freedom. There is the loneliness but then there is also the potential to find ways to ease it by developing a social life. There is the ending (ish-wait-and-see-who-knows-never-say-never) thing but then there is also the new beginning thing.

That’s pretty heady stuff.


Something I don’t talk about a lot here is that I am a pretty set-in-her-ways pagan. If you’ve taken Moonshine, you know that already, but it generally doesn’t get a lot of air play in my other classes, on my Facebook page, or in my blog. I think I’m a little bit embarrassed about it, to be honest. Part of that is because I am surrounded by secular atheists who scoff (quietly and respectfully-ish) at the magicks, AND because I am very skeptical, my paganism is mostly secular humanism, and I don’t enjoy the flakier aspects (and members) of the pagan movement.

I’ve toyed with different labels over the years including ‘mystic’, ‘pagan’, ‘shamanic practitioner’, etc. but what I really am, at the end of all the waffling, is a witch. I use tarot as a mirror to my soul. I use herbs to amplify the qualities I want to grow within myself. I think in magical terms. I attune myself to the solar and lunar influences on our planet. I celebrate (very quietly and with very few outward trappings) the Wheel of The Year. I have three altars. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – yup. It’s probably a witch.

Anyway, I’m telling you this because after being pagan-ish since the late 1980’s, I have finally decided upon a tradition to throw myself into wholeheartedly. It’s one I’ve known about for years, and I’ve even taken the level one class (twice) before, but I have found it difficult to fully commit to it all these years for two reasons:

1) I let everyone else’s stuff subsume my life and so get knocked off the path I’m walking and

2) The name of the tradition. The Temple of Witchcraft. I have holdover issues with it that I’ve never properly addressed. I tried to get around it by referring to it as The Temple Tradition because that word, ‘witchcraft’, doesn’t sit well with me, but in all the ‘getting around it’, I didn’t allow myself to fully embrace it, and so my success in training was very limited.

But what I do?

It’s witchcraft.

Candle magick, smudging, tarot queries, moon phase attuning and seasonal communing, creating my own reality, art as spiritual practice, underworld journeys, listening to my innards…

It’s all witchcraft (which I define as the art and science of affecting change in accordance with my will).

There’s no woo woo happening in the hollywood sense of the word. I don’t see blue flames shooting out of my finger tips (unless I’m on mushrooms, but we can talk about that later). I don’t make things go POOF or appear out of nowhere. I just quietly stir the soup in a clockwise motion and charge it with love and healing for my family. I just light a candle with the intention of shedding light on a pressing question. I just sage my space with the intention of clearing out the emotional cobwebs. I just pull a card to get a grip on what is happening beneath the surface…

You can call it whatever you like. Earth-based spirituality. Goddess-centric religion. Hippy Dippy Woo wo. Paganism. Mysticism.

But it’s witchcraft, and I’m a witch and the sooner I get over my weirdness about that, the happier I’ll be.

Witchcraft I started on April 1st, and I threw myself into this third attempt at finishing this first level with all my heart. I’m glad of it, but I also wanted to ‘come out’ here in my blog as one of THOSE people – one of those weird, magicks doing, Great Goddess believing woo woo people so that I can just get over it and move on.

So, hi! I’m a witch. I’m studying witchcraft. I have problems with those words, but I’m working on it. Also, I made a pretty Book Of Shadow (to be decorated) out of canvas and Moleskine Cahier notebooks! (You KNEW there was going to be some art in here somewhere, right??!)

/very braveness.

So, that’s my 3rd out of 30. Did you blog today? Share your link below!

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