Spring is all kinds of springing…

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The flowers are coming up around here and I don’t think I’ve ever been so grateful for spring. I want to scoop it up and hug it and dance around with it in my arms and thank it EVER SO MUCH for coming. This is been the longest, most brutal winter I’ve experienced in *decades*, so I’m very grateful to see it tuck tail and run from the glorious balmy winds and rains of April.
In Moonshine, we’re painting Persephone. If you don’t know her story, it’s worth exploring. She spends six months of the year married to Hades and living in the Underworld. The other six months, she spends here with us, and in celebration, her mama lets the earth bloom with flower, fruit, and grain. Here’s a Wikipedia article on Persephone. 
I love myth. I love how most myths contain a kernel (and sometimes a whole ear of corn) of truth that I can resonate with. Stories, for me, are what being human is all about – the telling of them, the integration of them, the enjoyment of them.
And art is a kind of story, isn’t it? Taking something in, letting it percolate within you, and then having it pop out in the form of a baby painting or journal spread or sculpture or photograph. It’s all about making meaning to me.
Here’s the painting of Persephone
You can join me in Moonshine for $49 if you use coupon code moonstruck. You will get a year’s worth of instruction and communing with a new art journal spread every New Moon and a new portrait every Full Moon. I hope you’ll join me, because while I do love making a living doing what I do, what I *really* love is connecting and building communities – sisterhoods – of fellow artists and spiritual creatives. I love being in the artful trenches with you. xo



I have a huge collection of unmounted paintings on watercolor paper. I’d like to sell some of them and give some of them as gifts. THIS is exactly the tutorial I needed to make that possible. I hope you find this helpful, too. xo


How to Mount a Watercolor Painting on Board


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I’m hosting a 30 day blogging challenge here on the blog and what I’m really loving about it is that when I *have* to come up with a post, I take a longer, more careful look at my life and what’s happening in it. This ‘enforced’ mindfulness is really good for me – especially right now when things are shift-o change-o in my personal life. I’ve also really been enjoying visiting the links you guys leave at the end of every post. Reading your blogs feels like a bon bon – a reward for doing the challenge. If you’re just hearing about this now, feel free to dive in without any worries about ‘being behind’. Your 30 days can start today.
The winners of the March Art Journal Challenge have been informed and their fat envelopes of ephemera are on the way to their doorstep. The new challenge for April is up.  
The prize for April’s Challenge is a seat in the next session of Book Of Days, which opens April 28th. I hope you’ll play along!

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