First, the pictures.

The Thank You Video

There are no words for this.

But, being me, I’m going to try.

Dudes. This is my home. We did this together, you and I. You, with your gentle witnessing, your tips (big and small), the classes you bought from me, the art you bought from me…

We made this happen, and while this new beginning is cut through with sorrow because I didn’t want it initially, you’d have to bash me over the head and kill me dead to get me to leave this Eden now.


If my soul mate arrived in a puff of smoke and said “Come away with me!”, I’d laugh in his face and tell him we’re going to need to consider an alternative lifestyle – one in which I live here and he lives wherever he wants and he can come visit UNLESS he finds me a house with a walk out basement that backs onto a creek and features a frog pond.

What a shift.

Do me a favour? Take a second to send up a wee prayer/thought of gratitude to the powers that be for this?

Because, dudes! I am home.

More soon…



P.S. Radiant is starting on October 1st, and you are going to love it. Muse Merriment already started and it is divine. Book Of Days is still open for registration and we’re on hiatus next week, so this is the perfect time to catch up. Use coupon code iloveyou for a steep discount. If you want a sample, the lesson for Week Six was presented as a substitute for Wildly Inspired, which you can get over here.¬†

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