I’m thrilled to have been included in Andrea’s delicious Mandala Blog Hop. I love mandalas and though I don’t often include them in my art journal, I do keep a stack of 4 x 4 artist tiles (Strathmore) and a Pigma Micron nearby at all times so that when the urge strikes, I can create a meditative state in a jiffy.

I’ve always loved how mandalas look – so intricate and beautiful – like old lace! But I admit, I was intimidated by them for the longest time. I tend to have very shaky hands (too much caffeine, plus asthma medication) and I had this belief that if I couldn’t make it perfect, I was somehow failing in the mandala making department. Andrea’s mandalas, which are super colourful, whimsical, and sometimes deliciously wonky gave me permission to make wonky mandalas of my own. As time went by, my mandalas became less wonky (though never, ever perfect) and more pleasing to my eye.

Mandala making, for me, is a practice. It is less about making art and more about entering a meditative state that allows me to access my inner wisdom. If I have a pressing question on my heart, I’ll sit down with one of my 4 x 4 inch tiles and I’ll start ‘spinning out’ from a tiny point that represents my question. Generally, by the time I’ve finished creating my mandala, I either have clarity around the question, or even more importantly, peace around the question.

Here’s a photo of one of my mandalas.


This one took about a half hour to create.


A stack of mandalas, waiting to happen.

Once in a blue moon, I get it into my head to include a mandala in my art journal. These tend to be larger in size, though not necessarily more intricate. This is one of my favourites. I made it with Tombow markers and then added a bunch of journaling to it throughout the week.


Pretty, right?


And this one was inspired by the roses in the first one. I decided to use the mandala theme to create a ‘halo’ on a portrait of Demeter.

Now that I no longer believe I have to make them perfectly (like the amazingly perfect and intricate Tibetan sand mandalas), I feel free to make them often and with gusto!

Inspired? Check this out!

mandala blog hop

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