Good Morning, Sweet Taters!!

Life Book opened up for registration for the 2015 season this morning, and in celebration, I fired up and did a lot of counting and established that THIS is our winner for the drawing for a free seat! YAY!!!!

Screenshot 2014-10-06 09.39.36

Congratulations, mejewel54! I’ve already sent off a letter to Tam to let her know that you’re the lucky winner!

I’m set to teach a class in December called “Sunshine and Roses” in which I will walk you through a doodle meant to a) chase away the winter blues and b) give you an opportunity to express and record your gratitude for all the good stuff you experienced in 2015. I can’t wait to see you in class!


In Other News

It’s been a while since I posted an ‘Effy update’. As many of you might know, I turned 46 on September 30th, and while it was a very quiet birthday, it was really good. It was my first ‘solo birthday’ in ten years, and instead of moping and feeling sorry for myself, I spent it working on my baby, Radiant, getting it all spiffed up and ready to open up its doors on October 1st.

Radiant has been a real watershed moment for me. I feel extremely accomplished in having met my goal of over 500 students in the class. I remember being completely terrified to try something of this magnitude back when I came up with the idea, but Tam kept nudging me – especially when things were really dark with my breakup. “You should do it.” she said, gently and with love. “It will be great!”

I’m glad I listened.

You can get the details here.

10514570_693311770718103_5187288025637397681_nI have moved my studio out of my old house (the one my ex still occupies) and into my new place. It makes for very cramped quarters, but it also means I am beholden to *no one* for *anything* and that feels pretty good at this point in my life. I don’t have to take an hour’s bus ride to go to work. I don’t have to see the ex unless I absolutely want to. It feels like a very empowered, sovereign choice to have made and though I’m still fussing about with how, exactly, to organize things, so far, it’s working pretty well.

2014-10-04 20.19.46

2014-10-04 20.21.57

2014-10-04 20.22.35

2014-10-02 14.14.27

I also took some of the proceeds from Radiant and invested in an iMac and Final Cut Pro.

Changed my life.


My work flow has never been easier.

Thank you for that (because without you, this would never have been possible, and you have no idea how much I appreciate you!)

That’s It For Me For Now

Now that Radiant is open and BOD is almost finished for the year, I will be blogging more. <3


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