Holy Hannah, have I been busy.

On the one hand, overcommitting means I’m too busy too think too much about things I might not want to think about. On the other hand, I’m too busy to *think*. But hey! Hi! I’m here! How are you? How was your weekend?

I have all sorts to share today.

First up:


I’m thrilled to have been invited to share an artsy ornament in Christy Tomlinson’s 12 Artsy Ornaments class. $24.95 gets you instruction from 12 lovely mixed media arts teachers in which they will share a fresh, beautiful project to take us into the holiday season! Class starts on December 2. Check it out here.

Then there’s this:

Artistcellar recently had a juicy blog hop for the “Kaleidoscope Series” stencils by Cecilia Swatton and I got to play along. I made a pretty gaggle of snowflakes (I don’t know why I think of them as a gaggle – I just do) on a black background and ended up with this:


I was lucky enough to be able to offer up a set for one winner who commented on the blog, and here she is!

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.12.04 AM

YAY! REBA! I’m forwarding on your info to Lisa at Artistcellar so she can send them out to you asap.

And Then There’s This:

There’s a new Rumi Project up in my Ning Network and you can find that here. I’ve also opened up the gallery in Radiant so you can all see what we’re doing in there. Check it out here, and if you’re so inspired, sign up for the class here. It will remain open till the end of October 2015.

And This!


I spent a few hours yesterday catching up on downloading all the lessons from Life Book 2014. That felt good. Having so many juicy lessons stored on my hard drive (and on DVDs – I like to have a back up!) is so inspiring to me. I intend to spend some time in November and December doing some of the lessons that really jump out at me and then we’ll be moving on into 2015! I’m so excited. :) I hope you’ll join me.

And that’s it for now!

I’m so pleased to tell you that things are very calm in my world. I am enjoying the slow descent towards winter hibernation. My energy is definitely waning wih the year, but that’s okay since I planned for a few weeks off through the end of November and all of December. Delicious!


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