I had therapy so I had to don the winter woolies and venture out into a world that felt like it was trying to kill me what with the cold and the icy stabby things falling out of the sky. Thankfully, the bus stop is a mere minute from my house, so I only had to spend about three minutes in this weather before getting onto the blissfully warm bus.

All the same, it was good to be out of the house and out in the world. After therapy, I went to wander in the mall a bit so I could feel like I am, indeed, a part of the human race. It was packed and chaotic and I had my fill after about twenty minutes.

The line up in one store was so long that I abandoned the new journal and pack of pens I’d selected as a present to myself. Yes, you heard me. I LEFT A NEW JOURNAL BEHIND. You know the lines are too long when…;)

Therapy was powerful (and I might start sharing more on that later as my courage increases). And my usual post-therapy dinner was delicious.


There’s nothing like a rare steak with peppercorn sauce and deep fried onions to make a girl feel like all is right with the world. Well, this girl, anyway. That loaded potato on the side doesn’t hurt, either. :)

I ventured back home, donned flannel pajamas, made a cup of lemon and ginger tea, and crawled into bed with my puppy and heating pad. I watched Tim’s Vermeer (highly recommended!) on Netflix and started watching Vikings before I fell into a deep, deep, ten hour, dreamless sleep.



Today is for a metric butt tonne of work. I’m creating a little doodle boot camp for my Radiant peeps so that when we tackle the last lesson, we have a tool box full of personal doodles to use to complete it. It’s going to be fun and I’m looking forward to it. Do check it out if you’re inclined to join us. The class will remain open until October 2015 and I foresee quite a few bonus lessons going up in there between now and then, too.

In Other News

This class opened on Tuesday:


Here’s a cute sneak peek of all the lovely work the instructors created for you to emulate!

SneekPeaksartsyOrnament14Here’s my offering.


Amazon book mailer meets glitter tape, paint and glue, and voila! A holiday card portfolio with a place to store your odd sized cards + an envelope to store the addresses you need to do your cards next year. Super fun!

Sign up here.

And one last thing!

Wildly Inspired is late this month, but I will be back at it next Wednesday, December 10th, which means there is still time to enter the challenge to win a seat in Moonshine 2015! Huzzah!


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