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Wow. That last post was a doozy, eh? And your responses were amazeballs. So beautifully witnessing and supportive. THANK YOU.

x a bazillion.

For the last couple of days, I’ve been all over the Internets answering questions, emails and PMs about my depression and where I’m at now. I also did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while:

bodbcI released Book Of Days Boot Camp into the world as a free offering.

Prior to this release, Boot Camp was only available to students in Book Of Days. However, it is such a wonderful program (one of the best things I’ve ever taught, really) and what I share in that class has been such a huge part of my recovery that I want to share it. For free. For all.

This class was created in my second year of teaching Book Of Days as an intensive in the art of mixed media art journaling and bookbinding. It was created so that instead of having to spend a lot of time in each video explaining basic concepts, each new session of Book Of Days could have a ready-made “art journaling immersion” that folks could dig into either before their session starts, or during the session. The session is organized into four chapters, which you will find linked below. The materials are designed to take you through the entire process of creating an art journal (called around here, the BOD or Book Of Days) & an art grimoire. The BOD is for art journal spreads and the grimoire is for experimentation with different mediums/techniques. Many of us use both in our creative practice, but you are welcome to use one book as you see fit.

As a student in Book Of Days Boot Camp, you are invited to use this material to create a regular creative practice. While many Boot Camp students move on into Book Of Days this is totally optional. Coupon codes will be provided in the classroom as new sessions of Book Of Days are released. Click here to snag-a-lag the free class with my thanks.

In Other News

Now that I’ve decided NOT to exit the planet, my teaching schedule will resume. I am so grateful that I have these offerings to keep me arting and anchored here. It is also a really good thing to have a way to pay my rent and buy my groceries. :D I have opened up Book Of Days for registration, and we will begin on January 1st with opening ceremonies with twelve weeks of arting to follow.

bod2015Book Of Days is an art journaling and memory keep class that  includes start-to-finish video instruction every week for the duration of the class (12 weeks), full colour printable PDF walkthroughs, journal prompts, support, feedback, and face time videos in which I bring you my whole heart.

In this first volume of Book Of Days this year, we will be exploring ordinary beauty. What beauty exists around us and within us that we might not notice unless we pay attention? This is a practice that I hope will foster gratitude and a kind of artist’s seeing that will keep us inspired all year. This BOD session will include a lot of optional sketching which you can do or not do according to your own urges.

Every week starting January 5th, 2015 you will have access to an instructional and inspirational start-to-finish art journal spread with video content lasting anywhere between 30 mins to 2 hours. Each post will include journal prompts (to be used in written and/or art journaling) and some musings about that week’s spread, snapshots of the spread, downloadable videos (yours to keep!), a full colour PDF walkthrough, and supplies information.

I do not own an art supply store, this class is not designed to market products. I will be encouraging you to use what you have, substitute where necessary, and discovery alternatives.

Boot Camp in and of itself is life changing. Book Of Days is that x a million. The practice, the community, the body of work you end up with is priceless.

Use coupon code bootcamp to get $30 off.


I have really left this very late.

Launching registration for a class like this should be done months in advance. Because I’ve only given myself a few weeks, I’m going to need your help. In return, I will enter you in a draw for a giveaway: A free seat in ALL the sessions of Book Of Days I teach next year. I’ve got three of these to giveaway, so here’s how to enter:

Share the permalink for this post on Facebook. Come back here and comment that you did it.

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Here’s the permalink. Copy, paste, share: http://wp.me/p1ZQyo-1nw

If you do all three, that’s three entries in the drawing.


Thank you so much for your help. xo


I will be opening Moonshine 2015 for registration next week. Watch this space or sign up for my newsletter for details.






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