Yesterday, the nieghbours pulled out the “Slip ‘N Slide” for their kids, and since I was out there, and since one of the kids was really unhappy about the mud at the bottom of the slide, I threw myself into ‘being a good example’. Ahem. Because I’m a ‘grown up’. Ahem.


It was awesome.

The kids continued to balk at getting dirty, but they did have a really wonderful time aiming the spray at me so I could wash off the mud that was all over every part of my body, including my face. I swear, they had more fun watching me get dirty and then helping me sluice off than they did slipping and sliding themselves!

After the parents thanked me for totally ruining their lawn with my fat arse (I kid!) and the kids got wrangled indoors to shower and change into dry clothes, the rain came pouring down (perfect timing!). Since I was already soaked to the bone, I spread my towel out on the grass and sat in the lotus position for a good twenty minutes, just letting the rain cascade over me. It was glorious – a warm rain, thank goodness – and so cleansing. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude, and though the rain was pouring down like it was fit never to ever stop, I felt, internally, like the sun was coming out for the first time in a long time.

It’s been a rough few weeks.

There was a break up in the family, and I’m all kinds of heartsick for them both. My meds stopped helping me feel better and started making me feel apathetic and hostile. Joint therapy kept erupting into all kinds of painful stuff to untangle. Personal therapy kept erupting into all kinds of painful stuff to untangle. The dog I look after had a seizure and scared the crap out of me. My will to paint for myself disappeared into a foggy fog of fuggedaboutit, and creating for any reason felt like climbing mount Everest. I knew I had to do something. I knew that I was in a spiral down and I was not eager to revisit the cave of omgdoom again, thanks very much.

I went off the Welbutrin.

I had only been on it for three months, but after the initial stimulant effect wore off (it’s well known for inducing get-up-and-go in the initial stages), it wasn’t doing me any good and it felt like it was doing me some major harm. It’s been six days since my last does now and while I do have a few withdrawal symptoms (mostly brain zaps that feel a little like my frontal lobe is being electrified and some vertigo), I feel like *myself* again.

I spent most of yesterday in a state of creative catch up – working on a spread for BOD, painting on canvas, dreaming up new paintings to get started on, and the day before was spent catching up on the pile of laundry I’d accumulated, and reorganizing my space a bit to emphasis NON WORK art creation so that at any given moment, I can easily get off my ass and throw a few layers on canvas.


Folding table? $30.00. The ability to get up and paint at a moment’s notice? Priceless.

Little changes. Teensy tiny, non-overwhelming changes. Every little step adds up to big, awesome, goodness.

I made you a video!

I’ve been doing Book Of Days: Mixed Tape since the beginning of May and since theme is exploring our life’s soundtrack, there’s been plenty of opportunity for creating fun, musical, time lapse videos of my art journal spreads in progress. Last week I worked with Inanna by The Tea Party and created this:



This was a three hour extravaganza of embellishment and ‘making sacred’ in a process I like to call ‘effort as offering’. She is mixed media in my art journal. The video doesn’t even begin to capture all the work that went into her creation, since it is time lapsed to the nth degree, but I hope it gives you some sense of how much effort went into it. You can view it here:

Work continues apace on this:

button300And in case you missed the announcement, Wyanne has joined us as a guest teacher!! Yay!

It is going to be an amazing journey with so much delving into the hows and whys of each teacher’s process. There’s such a lovely mixture of emerging and veteran teachers that everyone from the absolute beginner to the advanced journal artist will find new tips, techniques, and ways of meeting the page that will be new to them.

I can’t wait to create a brand new Ultimate Notebook to take notes in and dive into each lesson! There’s a huge challenge included, too, that has a fantastic prize package. You can get all the details on the class over here!

I’m also teaching in this:


I created a mini accordian fold journal and then took it out into the field to do contour drawings that morph into zen doodles for this class. The lesson is very short – 16 minutes – but so packed full of info that you will find yourself inspired and ready to take a little bag of art supply goodies on vacation with you!

We start on July 1st, and the other teachers are totally awesome, so you can expect to find yourself up to your earrings in I MUST TRY THAT throughout the course of the class!

I hope you join me. :)

Alrighty, that’s it for me for now, loves. I hope you are having a beautiful summer full of rich experiences that you can explore in your art journals! I know I’m loving chasing sunsets, sitting out in my garden, walking the creek with the pup, and soaking up the summer starlight. xo

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