Throughout the rest of September, I will be introducing all the teachers who are teaching in Radiant II. Yesterday, we met Jeanette Montero! (Hint – You can still enter her giveaway, too

Along with the delicious introductions, you will have a chance to enter a drawing for one of FIVE seats in Radiant II. If you’ve already purchased a seat, you will have the option to a) give your prize to a friend or b) get a full refund. YAY!!!

Please read on to meet Micki Wilde, and later in the post you will find instructions on how to enter the giveaway!

Come back daily until October 1st when I will announce the winners!!!

Hello there, I am Micki Wilde otherwise known as ‘The Secret Hermit’ I am a self taught mixed media artist and one woman show from Leicestershire UK.

My painting process is a happy fusion of pre-planned and intuitive work with the main aim being to create an interesting visual tale with a whimsical flair.
As a self confessed hermit my work to me is a source of escape from the world outside my door, a safe haven where fantastical dreams are born and new worlds populated by magical things are imagined and explored.
My work is approached in a light-hearted manner with the hope to charm and endear its characters to the onlooker and draw them in to my wondrous and whimsical world.

Some of the typical topics and themes that can be found in my work are: tribal, magic, Celtic, Greek, Norse, fantasy, mythology, fairy-tales, legend, folklore, goddess, pagan, fairy, crystals, animals, totems, spirit guides etc

I work with a range of different mediums but typically I use; Acrylic Paint, inks, pens, pencils and charcoal to create layers and help these stories unfold on to the canvas.

You can find me here:

finished page



How to enter the give-away!

radianttogether300Do one or all of the following. For each item you have completed, come back here and comment with the words “I DID IT”. Each of your comments will be entered in the drawing!

1. Share this give-away on Facebook or twitter. Here is the short link for your convenience:

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3. Leave a comment below letting us know why you would love to join Radiant II

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I will announce the winner on OPENING DAY, October 1st.

Come back tomorrow for Day Eight of The Road To Radiant II, when I will be introducing you to Iris Fritschi-Cussens!

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