I am starting this post with no idea what I’m going to write about. It’s October, and the leaves are turning and falling outside my window. I spent last weekend in Mansfield, Ontario, wandering around the site, hanging out with friends, listening to drums, basking in enormous bonfires, making offerings and decisions and more offerings and more decisions.

I am very quiet inside, which is not unusual for me at this time of year, but it makes keeping up with all I must do on social media, in the blog, and in my newsletters a little bit difficult.

The Introvert in me wants to go inward as the earth beckons us to rest and reflect. The entrepreneur wants me to WRITE ABOUT ALL THE THINGS and PLAN ALL THE CLASSES and film my face off and promote like the dickens. The pagan in me wants to build massive altars and bonfires and cook feasts and take stock. The lover in me wants familiar, warm skin and candlelight and ten quilts and all the puppies curled up at my feet as I picnic in bed and sip hot buttered apple cider whisper sweet nothings and nap.

I am doing my best to do at least a little bit of all of those, but I am aware that I’ve been scarce in the places I am generally very abundant – Facebook, Instagram, my newsletter…

So, Hi! I’m still here. I miss you, and also, I am enjoying my solitude like you wouldn’t believe. I am watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix when I’m not filming and editing and writing awesome content for Radiant II. I am cooking double chocolate stout chili, simmering soups, tossing together corned beef hash and poached eggs, and thinking about how hard it is to cut out red meat in the dark half of the year when all I really want is a haunch of something, some good bread to sop up the juices, and the inevitable stews that get made from the leftovers. I am snorgling with my lovely dog, who is one of my life’s joys. I am reading a bunch of books for a class I’m taking. I’m journaling three pages a day. I’m ignoring the stink-eye I’m getting from my guitar, which is dusty and wants me to pick it up so I can learn a few new chords. I’m lighting candles and staring off into space. I’m making moon water. I got my iPhone repaired, so I expect I’ll be taking more pictures soon.

I’m teaching here:

button2016-square3-500And I’m doing my ‘Seekrit Life Book Club’ again for those who sign up through my link, which is: http://tinyurl.com/effylb2016 so if you want to Life Book with me next year, click to buy and then email me your transaction number so I can add you to the clubhouse when the time draws near.

If you’re curious what happens in there, well, here’s a hint: Monthly challenges & prizes, a more intimate group to work in, love and support from one of the most tightly knit art tribes out there, space to share work from previous years, the Ultimate Notebook Class by Effy, and some of Effy’s most popular lessons from Life Book from previous years. Duuuuuudes.

I’m also teaching here:

radianttogether300And, right now, there are sixteen guest artist lessons available for you to dip into like a gorgeous mixed media art buffet, AND a tutorial on how to make an EFFYDORI AND the first lesson in PART TWO went live on October 9th. We have office hours every second Monday and a super engaged group. The only thing we’re missing is YOU, so come on over and use coupon code radiant2.

A Sneak Peek At The Effydori & Matching Ultimate Notebook



I’m also wrapping up a session of Book Of Days. bod2015v3

This was supposed to be a six week session, but we expanded it to eight weeks. It’s a ‘members only’ class, so it’s only $25.00, but the value, my loves. Holy hannah. So much content! It’s also going to be up indefinitely with downloadable content, so you can join us any time.

Unlike most sessions of Book Of Days, this one focuses entirely on faces, so if you want to get faces into your journal, this is the class for you. xo

Here’s some of the work we’ve been doing:

Each of the above images represents full length video tutorials with PDF walk throughs, supplies lists, and a lot of hand holding. I’d love to see you there.

Alrighty. I think that’s it for now.

I think I just needed to break the seal, and now that I’ve done so, I’m ready to get back into the writing again so that you can be kept up to date with what’s going on with me, and what and where I’m teaching.



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