Effy Wild: Art Journal TeacherSo much of what I do in the world, I do in yoga pants. With bed head. That’s just how I roll. It can be easy to forget that I shine up like a new penny when I put a little effort into it, so yesterday, since I actually (gasp!) applied some spackle and glow, I snapped this photo.

Shiny, right? And if this is all you ever saw of me, you’d think this was all I ever looked like: polished, done up, put together, shiny.

Because it is important to me to have a real connection with my tribe, I rarely come to you this way. I come to you straight out of bed most days. I come to you with what’s real. It’s been suggested that this might be hurting my business because people are attracted to polished, but you know what? *MY people* are attracted to real. My people think real is beautiful. My people get what real life looks like.

I believe that many of us are weary of perfect, air brushed, tweaked, photoshopped, filtered¬† images. I think it’s exhausting to be confronted with everyone else’s highlight reel all the damned time.

I love seeing people in the raw. It makes me feel a little bit like maybe I’m not the only one who often looks like she rolled around in glue and dove into a bag of rags. It makes me feel like I can relate to them, like they might understand me, and if I invited them over for an art date, they would be completely comfortable with my unmade bed and the dishes in the sink.

Don’t get me wrong! It’s nice to be all shiny and spackled once in a while, but it’s also more work than I’m willing to do most of the time. I like how I look when I bust out the Mac Retro Matte lipstick, but I am much more comfortable with grungy hands (paint encrusted, of course), paint spattered clothes, finger combed hair (if I comb it at all) and a bare face.

Kind of like this:

The Bed Head Diaries for Radiant II: Lesson Two
The above musings inspired this PDF printable. I hope you use it for something. <3desire



Have a fantastic weekend, bed head and all.


Join me in Radiant II, where along with tutorials by 16 guest artists, you also get my full length video tutorials, the Bed Head Diaries, and musings like this, and this.

We’ll create art like this:

art journal spread from Radiant II

What Lies Beneath

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