I have a couple of projects on the go (free!) that I am totally loving right now, and since I’ve got a few minutes before I have to fling myself headlong into my day of coffee & art, I thought I’d pop in and tell you about them.


The first is Journal52, which is continuing again this year. Last year, Sarah Trumpp and I provided two prompts per week, which was overwhelming but super fun. This year, Sarah is taking time off from Journal52 to focus on her Etsy & Patreon – both of which are well worth a look! I took over the weekly posts, and will be doing one prompt a week based on a collection of 52 art cards I created last year. A new card will be released each week with a write up on the card, including a key word, synonyms, an art prompt, and a pondering on the key word intended to nudge you in the direction of self-inquiry. There’s a way to sign up to get email notifications of the new posts, and you’ll find that little sign up form in the right hand side bar.

There is some SUPER GORGEOUS work happening in the Facebook Group, which you can find here. It’s totally free, though tips are welcome, and the group is full of kindness and gentle witnessing despite its ginormous size (we’re almost at 11 000 at this point).


This project started with the accidental purchase of a ‘too small’ daily planner from Moleskine. When the tiny planner arrived (it’s 3.5 x 5.5), I was bummed, because I’d intended to purchase the ‘large’ size. As I unwrapped it, though, I thought “OH HEY! TINY DAILY PAINTINGS!”, and #MiniMoleyDaily was born.

This is not a ‘challenge’. There are no prompts, and no rules except that you work small (smaller than 4 x 6). The intention is to simply share what we’re doing in our tiny little journals.

This project has been so satisfying. I’ve kept up (which is miraculous), and I’ve even filmed every spread for my YouTube channel. I sat down last night and watched the playlist from start to finish, and you know? It’s pretty squeeworthy. And I’m really excited about what this baby book will look like at the end of this year when I’ve successfully filled it with tiny works of journal art.

There is no website for this project, but we do have a Facebook Group. The energy in the group is honest, kind, and supportive, because that’s how we roll in my world. I’ve been really heartened to see people putting their real lives down on the page on a regular basis. It feels subversive, delicious, and revolutionary to give ourselves this kind of space and time to be with ourselves. You’re most welcome to join in the fray, and if you want some inspiration, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where I’m uploading new videos multiple times a week. Click here for the #minimoleydaily playlist.

Here are a few spreads I’ve created so far.

In Other News

It’s been a really beautiful week in my little bubble of art, coffee, furbaby, and little else. I work. I listen to Spotify. I have friends over. I leave the house as infrequently as possible (because WINTER! And PANTS!). It is a bit weird to be straddling contentment and outrage. The world outside is in no way mirroring the world inside, and it is causing a bit of cognitive dissonance. How can I be so g-d happy when the world is falling apart around me? I dunno, but I’ll take it, especially considering the total suckage of the years previous.

I’m awake. I’m seeing what’s going on. It moves me. I do what I can, and then I tip toe quietly away and back into sanctuary. It’s the best I can do.

BOD is rocking my socks off.

The first month in BOD has seen a total explosion of art and communing. The group of artists who’ve come together this year are throwing themselves into creating satisfying art journal practices that are tailored to their specific needs & desires. I am loving the art they are creating, the journals they are binding, the conversations we are having. It feels like a haven, which is really a theme that’s emerging. I’m creating spaces that feel so cosy, so safe, and I have no idea how I’m doing it. It’s just *happening*.

This spread was created for this coming Monday’s class. We’re focusing on papers as focal elements – how to stack them, how to work with complimentary colour, how to create depth, etc. If you haven’t joined us yet, but you’ve been thinking about it, well, NUDGE! I’d love to have you. There’s so much content already, and since you have indefinite, unlimited access, you’ll have all the time in the world.

And here’s where else to find me, in case you’re looking for something fun, uplifting, or inspiring to take on!

Life Book 2017 | One Bad Ass Art Journal | Let’s Face It 2017 | Pull. Pen. Paint

And also here:



I don’t usually do summits like these, but when Eli invited me, I couldn’t say no because RITUAL and also because ELI! :)

Alrighty, my loves. I’m off to the studio to get painty. I hope you find some beauty this weekend.


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