This week could easily feature a Friday Fifty, but I love you way too much to make you read about that many things, so I’ll stick to Friday Five. :)

Thing One

Photo by Teri Epp

There are two sites I’m relying on for a ‘daily briefing’ of the news. I started getting them both in my inbox so I would have a general sense of what’s going on before I venture out into the virtual world. This has allowed me to bypass all the clickbait on Facebook altogether. It also means I’m not stumbling into information that leaves me shaking and outraged. I take it in all at once via The Daily WTF (this link is sweary, so NSFW) and The NYT Morning Briefing. (Totally safe for work!) When The Daily WTF lands in my inbox, I yell WTF! And when I’ve finished reading the Morning Briefing, I yell WHAT’S NEXT, like I’m Jed Bartlet in The West Wing.

Yes, I’m weird, but I amuse myself AND my dog, so I’ve learned to live with it.

Thing Two

Yesterday, I made this.

It turned out like this:

Cremini & Ricotta Flatbread

It was incredibly simple, and yet also incredibly satisfying. And pretty. SO pretty! I love me some pretty food.

Thing Three

Banter. All of the banter. The BANTER!
#cryptic #vaguebooking #enoughsaid

Thing Four

Jessica Swift has this thing you can sign up for where for 100 days she will send a beautiful, colourful piece of digital art straight to your inbox. It cheers me to no end, and acts as a wonderful antidote to the news de jour. I have been collecting the art in a folder so I can set it as my screen saver on Apple TV. I love her colour choices, and her patterning. It’s a feast for the eyes.



Thing Five

My Journal52 peeps have raised just over $400 since yesterday to help me cover the cost of hosting and pampering for my website. You ROCK MY POPTARTS. Thank you. <3

That’s it for me today, my loves. As always, you can find my classes here, Journal52 here, MiniMoleyDaily here, and my tip jar here.


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