Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Five! Five things that are rocking my poptarts! Good things. Moving things. Things that restore my faith in humanity, or my faith in myself. Artsy things! Nerdy things! ALL THE LOVELY THINGS!*

Let’s proceed!

I’m finding it difficult to choose from all the gorgeousness that’s happened this week, but I’m going to do my level best.

Thing One
I’m dating someone. He’s pretty special. I like him a lot, and he likes me back. This is a delicious, delicious thing. I’m keeping him to myself for a while because there are littles involved, and also because I it’s just that sweet. A secret, delicious sweet lovely thing that’s all for me, for now. I’ll share him with you when I’m ready, ok?

He makes me smile like this, all soft and goopy. Also, that wrap slung over my shoulder? It was his prezzie to me on our second date. Special guest appearance by one of my very favourite mugs, made by Allegonde of Artesian Goddess.

I’m doing things like setting my coffee table up for romantic dinners for two. I love setting the scene like this, and I’m grateful to have a reason to do it.

Thing Two
This group is ROCKING MY LIFE. They just happened to be featured on As It Happens on CBC Radio while Crow and I we were on our way out to Caledonia for Indian Tacos at The Oasis Talk about perfect timing, eh? My life is so often like that this divine kind of timing no longer surprises me!

While I am working on boring things like gluing down teensy tiny pieces of paper, this is my current go-to soundtrack. Believe me when I tell you that listening to this means I am not just getting boring, tedious bits of work done, but I am also getting my cardio, because I can’t stay still! They have an artist station on Spotify, too, which is super handy! Give them a listen and just try to stay still. I bet you can’t!

Thing Three
My BOD folks know this, but I have a new-to-me tarot deck called The Wild Unknown. It doesn’t just talk to me, mind you. It SINGS to me. Every time I draw a card, I feel like the universe is giving me a great big hug and making me a cup of soothing tea.

The illustrations are beautiful. The guidebook is perfect and includes easy to eye-scan key words. The size is perfect for my hands (unlike other decks I love but can’t shuffle without sending the entire deck flying all over the room! I’m looking at you, Druidcraft Tarot!).

I’ve been using it in my weekly tarot pulls in BOD and everyone agrees that it’s not just gorgeous, but really spiritually active, by which I mean that we are getting some seriously deep & accurate pulls.

Thing Four
My kid has been posting a lot of live video on his Facebook timeline. Dudes. I am so proud of him. Here are two from the last few days. If you love his music as much as I do, you can find more on his bandcamp here, and on his Soundcloud here.

Thing Five
The wait is finally over!

My lesson in “Ever After 2016” is now available as a stand alone workshop!

This class includes unlimited, indefinite access and is comprised of video instruction as well as a step-by-step PDF walkthrough, an in depth interview on the subject of style development, and the Ultimate Notebook Tutorial. All lessons are instant access the moment you register for the course.

You will receive a complete supplies list as well as suggestions for substitutions. Your teacher will be accessible via email, and you are welcome to post your questions, comments, and images in the classroom.

Join me as we explore ‘The Ugly Duckling’ as told by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and create this beautiful Klimt inspired mixed media swan! It’s only $29, and includes a discount link for Facing Forward II worth $20!

That’s it for me today, my loves. As always, you can find my classes here, Journal52 here, MiniMoleyDaily here, and my tip jar here.


*Unless otherwise noted, nothing I include in the Friday Five are affiliate links. I’m just sharing all my loves with you.


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