#MiniMoleyMonday is a new feature here on my blog wherein I plan to share the images and videos I create for #MiniMoleyDaily. Here is an info page and archive of images for #MiniMoleyDaily, in case you want to get all caught up. This page includes the full YouTube playlist of #MiniMoleyDaily spreads! Yay!

Last Week In #MiniMoleyDaily

Last in MiniMoleyDaily was an exercise in playing catch up. My life is always pretty busy, but I’ve added a romance to the pot, and while it is delicious and creates all sorts of lovely journal fodder, it is also requiring of me that I make time and space. I’ll rally, I promise, but for now, I’m struggling a bit to maintain all the practices I want to practice.

The MiniMoley has given me all sorts of space for the real stuff that’s happening in my life. It’s a place to play that doesn’t ask anything of me except that I show up. Technique, supplies, appropriateness for public viewing – none of that matters. I just show up, smash myself into the pages, and get on with my day.

The Mini’s have been getting created in spurts of creation, usually midweek and on the weekend, but I am working on finding a sweet spot – a golden hour each day, and I’m starting to think that might happen just before bed. It feels like a good time to think about the day, what happened, what I felt & experienced, and then create spreads that reflect that. I’ll let you know how my practice evolves over time.

Just a quick FYI: This isn’t a challenge. There are no prompts, though some folks are finding and using some that work for them. My intention is to be as free as possible in this practice, so being constrained by prompts or themes isn’t necessarily going to work for me, but I invite you to find what works for you. If you want to hang out with an amazing group of likeminded journal artists, please join us in the Facebook Group.

Here is the playlist on YouTube for these spreads

Gallery Of #MiniMoleyDailies

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