Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Five! Five things that are rocking my poptarts! Good things. Moving things. Things that restore my faith in humanity, or my faith in myself. Artsy things! Nerdy things! ALL THE LOVELY THINGS!*

Thing One

I have fallen in love with watercolours, and believe me when I tell you that no one is as surprised as I am. It all started when I logged in to The Creative Revolution classroom and did the first week’s exercises. Watercolours and I sideeyed one another a little bit. There was some batting of eyelashes and some eye rolling and plenty of resistance. Watercolours shuffled over and beckoned with both hands. I shrugged and said “Okay! Why not!”

And then we danced.

What I’m loving so much about these meditations on watercolour is how emotional they are for me. I find myself ‘dancing in’ colours that feel like *I* feel. I’m also loving how portable they are – how I can sit on my couch with a few palettes (my Jane Davenport palettes & a homemade palette made with Qor watercolours and gifted to me by my lovely Muppet) and my favourite brushes (four Escoda rounds that I treated myself to last year), and splash around a bit without any stress or mess or much clean up.

It’s *ease*, and I don’t know about you, but I could use a little more of that in my life right now.

Flora Bowley is definitely one of my top artistic influences, and I always love her classes. I repeat rounds of Bloom True pretty much every year, and even though I’m not a canvas artist, I do find what I learn while playing on canvas makes its way into my art journaling practice. This new class is already inspiring me in much the same way. I’m playing with new techniques, new mediums. I’m feeling free. I’ve liberated myself from feeling completely intimidated by watercolours. I’m SO SQUEE about this!

My sense of squee was increased tenfold this week when Flora used one of my paintings in her newsletter banner and on her blog. You can see it here and here.


Thing Two

My lovely student, Judi of Jujuart by Judi is offering a download of this painting to anyone who tips me. Here’s what she has to say:

“To anyone who feels inspired and encouraged by Effy Wild be it via BOD; Radiant: Journal 52 or #MiniMoleyDaily I am offering a free download of an Effy inspired spread done by me; this spread has had lots of positive feedback including a beautiful request from a Sweet Trash Journal participant to use it in their STJ (Nancy Dale I love you) and also inspired by the true generosity of Effy’s muppet known as Sarah Trumpp who is spreading love on a daily basis. I am not in the position to do what these awesome women to do contribute; but this I can do.

Attached you will find a scan which you are free to download and use for your own personal use; in return I am asking that if possible you tip our Effy (realising that cannot be policed in any way) in an attempt to offset the costs of the recent second hack on Journal 52 and also contribute to the costs to keep the site going; this is where you go to tip Effy: http://tinyurl.com/tipeffy

This is my personal work and I hope you will respect that and not share further; and if you use it please attribute me as the artist (Because thanks to Effy and others I AM AN ARTIST!) Enjoy with all my best wishes.”

Thank you, Judi! You are such a love!

Thing Three

This collection on Ello. I am growing my own awareness of artists who are also people of colour by seeking them out wherever I can find them. Collections like this help enormously. Well done, Ello!


Thing Four

Baby Lips. Last year while at a festival, my friend, Shannon handed me a tube because I was suffering from a horrible case of chapped lips, and I became immediately addicted. The medicated version is my favourite, but they also have tinted versions, and since I’m that girl who is usually too tired to care about things like lip gloss, this is a nice option. Frivolous, you say? You obviously don’t live in an three story walk up with RADIANT HEAT that sucks every drop of moisture out of your ever lovin’ body.

From what I can tell from a quick Google search, they are available in Canada and the U.S. wherever stuff like this is sold (department stores, drug stores, etc.)

Thing Five

My friend, Cathy Sylvester is making these astonishingly beautiful journals. She was kind enough to drop in last year with one for me to play with, and promised to update me when she got her ducks in a row in terms of being able to offer these for sale. I admit I had a bit of a sticker shock when I looked at them on Etsy, but when I think about all the love and work that goes into the creation of something like this, I admit I melt a little bit!

And that’s it for me for this week’s edition of Friday Five!

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