#MiniMoleyMonday is a feature here on my blog wherein I plan to share the images and videos I create for #MiniMoleyDaily. Here is an info page and archive of images for #MiniMoleyDaily, in case you want to get all caught up. This page includes the full YouTube playlist of #MiniMoleyDaily spreads! Yay!

Last Week In #MiniMoleyDaily

I created almost daily this week in MMD, which was awesome, because there was no need to play catch up. I am especially inspired by two things right now: music, and watercolours. Music always plays a role in the videos I create for MMD, but this week I create a two page spread for Friday & Saturday using my new love, watercolours!

Just a quick FYI: This isn’t a challenge. There are no prompts, though some folks are finding and using some that work for them. My intention is to be as free as possible in this practice, so being constrained by prompts or themes isn’t necessarily going to work for me, but I invite you to find what works for you. If you want to hang out with an amazing group of likeminded journal artists, please join us in the Facebook Group.

Here is the playlist on YouTube for these spreads

Gallery Of #MiniMoleyDailies

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