#MiniMoleyMonday is a feature here on my blog wherein I plan to share the images and videos I create for #MiniMoleyDaily. Here is an info page and archive of images for #MiniMoleyDaily, in case you want to get all caught up. This page includes the full YouTube playlist of #MiniMoleyDaily spreads! Yay!

Last Week In #MiniMoleyDaily

Last week was all about feeling spring happening in my bones. My palette reflected that. My symbols reflected that. I did a spread for each day of the week until the weekend, when an impromptu trip away required that I do a two-for-one for Saturday & Sunday.

On A Personal Note

I had a rotten cold last week, so I skipped Friday Five. All I really had to say was “Vicks, Neo-Citran, Kleenex, Lip balm, soup, etc…” so I figured I’d spare you the whining. :) It will return this coming Friday, with my gratitude for your patience.

I have a lesson in Life Book 2017 that just went live! It is an exploration of artistic lineage, represented by a patchwork tree. I also have a playsheet on the subject of befriending your inner critic (whose job it is to protect us, even though it never really feels that way!). It isn’t too late to sign up, and I’d love to see you there!

Onward to this week’s edition of #MiniMoleyMonday!

Here is the playlist on YouTube for these spreads

Gallery Of #MiniMoleyDailies

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