#MiniMoleyMonday is a feature here on my blog wherein I plan to share the images and videos I create for #MiniMoleyDaily. Here is an info page and archive of images for #MiniMoleyDaily, in case you want to get all caught up. This page includes the full YouTube playlist of #MiniMoleyDaily spreads! Yay!

Last Week In #MiniMoleyDaily

I’m behind one day in my #MiniMoleyDaily this week, but that’s easy enough to catch up on. I will be doing that today by combining Sunday & Monday in one spread.

Last week’s adventures in mini-journaling were awesome. I brought a lot of the techniques I use in a typical journal spread into the mini without any difficulty. I was especially moved by the spread I created for Friday, and the up-swelling of self-empathy it created in me. The song, “Sweet Lorraine” by Patty Griffin, felt perfect for it. I’ve included this week’s entire playlist in this post, but I also singled that video out in case you were pressed for time.

In case you missed it!

This lovely mini workshop consists of two parts – a full length mixed media art tutorial & a style development interview. This class will walk you through the creation of a focal image surrounded by Klimt style doodles. There is a healing component wherein we will explore the importance of showing our true colours so that our tribe can find us.

There are six parts to this class, but it is easy enough to completely over the course of one weekend.

Originally filmed for Ever After 2016, it has been moved into my private teaching platform for your enjoyment! Unlimited access and downloadable content is included, and if you need feedback, all you need do is email me. $29

Onward to this week’s edition of #MiniMoleyMonday!

Here is the playlist on YouTube for these spreads

This was my favourite spread this week.

Gallery Of #MiniMoleyDailies

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