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Thing One
This past Wednesday, my best friend (who also happens to be my ex-husband), my boyfriend, and I met at my favourite pub for dinner, and they got along like a house on fire.


I’d been waiting for this moment since Tig (boyfriend) and I started dating. I had the sense that this thing was going to be a thing, and I knew that he and Crow (bestie/ex) would really like one another. I’m grateful that I was right on all counts.

There was a point during the evening where I might as well have stayed home. *Laughs* They were engaged in a (boring) conversation about nuclear and alternative energy (yawn) that had me rolling my eyes indulgently.

We ate. We imbibed. We laughed. It was absolutely devoid of awkward, and it couldn’t have gone any better.

Thing Two
Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of a hippy. I love patchouli, clothing that is as close to pajamas as possible, swishy ankle length skirts, and omg HAREM PANTS.

Finding them has been a bit of a chore over the years, but there is now an entire website dedicated to funky harem (and Thai fisherman + yoga) pants that I recently ordered from. I ordered with a bit of trepidation since I’m used to being disappointed when things arrive and don’t fit.

I’m a bit of an amazon. I stand at 5′ 11″, and I have curves for days. Buying clothes has always been a bit annoying, and has led to the evolution of my personal style – coordinating (ish) tops and bottoms, because I need a 1 or 2 XL on top, but an L on bottom. If I wear dresses, they have to be a 1 or 2 XL, which means they feel tent like, so tank tops, tunics, tights, skirts, palazzo pants, and harem pants it is.

My order arrived yesterday and everything fits! The drop crotch harem pants do double duty as a tube top jump suit, too, which thrilled me to no end.

I ordered from the plus size menu, which you can find here.


Thing Three
I made this veggie lasagne this week.

It begins with a homemade marinara sauce (tomatoes, shallots, garlic, salt & pepper, and fresh basil). Spinach noodles, eggplant, and Bechamel sauce (butter, flour, milk, mozzarella, Parmesan, salt & pepper) finish it off. It was absolutely delicious. I ate half the pan in one day. You can find the recipe here.

Thing Four
There’s something about conte crayons and fat chunks of charcoal that bring out my dark side. I don’t know why, but every time I sit down with these tools, the faces that pop out are fierce.

She’s not taking any shit.

It’s become common to call what we do in art journaling ‘meeting ourselves on the page’. There is always this dance I do between making things I like – pretty, aesthetically satisfying things that please me, and making things that truly express the inner landscape. I’m always pretty happy when I’m done whatever it is that I’m doing, but I have to admit that when something like this comes forth, I am especially thrilled. I like the sense of surprise – the “whoa! who are you?” that comes up. I like knowing that if I sit with her, she will tell me about herself.

There is also such ease in working this way. There’s nothing needed but some paper, a chunk of charcoal, a blending stump, and a white conte crayon.

Thing Five

I made myself a tarot journal out of a composition notebook and this painting that I created for “Pull. Pen. Paint”

I don’t do a lot of 3/4 profile portraits because they don’t come naturally to me, but I found it relatively easy to sketch this one out. She began in pencil, and then got a healthy dose of Stabilo All. The rest is acrylics paint and Sakura Glaze pen.

She’s meant to represent my inner seeker – a part of myself that I am especially happy to know. Like The Hermit in that tarot, she seeks the truth, and stands in the light of it. She boldly goes into shadowy places and shines her own light into dark corners.

Creating this was super fun (even if those spirals in her garment were a bit tedious).This lesson is going live in a couple of days, so please consider joining me?

And that’s it for me for this week’s edition of Friday Five! I’ll see you next week.

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