#MiniMoleyMonday is a feature here on my blog wherein I plan to share the images and videos I create for #MiniMoleyDaily. Here is an info page and archive of images for #MiniMoleyDaily, in case you want to get all caught up. This page includes the full YouTube playlist of #MiniMoleyDaily spreads! Yay!

Last Week In #MiniMoleyDaily

I got six of seven days done last week in my Mini. I spent a part of my weekend playing catch up since it was a very busy week with not a lot of time for playing, but I’ve got to tell you – the afternoon I spent splashing paint around was a balm on my soul.

I rebound my fat MiniMoley on Friday by slashing the spine and adding a wide strip of Duck tape. Easy peasy, and now I have no fears about the book exploding on me. Thankfully, the Moleskine Daily Planner that I’m using is a sewn binding and not a glued one, otherwise I don’t think this thing would hold up to the abuse it gets from me.

It’s starting to become ingrained in me now to sit down with this little book. They say it takes sixty days to properly form a habit, and it’s been almost ninety. I am only one day behind on spreads, which feels pretty miraculous to me, but I think that has everything to do with the ‘no rules’ attitude I’ve adopted with the project. If I need to do a three day catch up, I’ll do it. If I want to experiment with new supplies, I’ll experiment. If I want to repeat a theme or technique, I will.

It hasn’t taken the place of my sweet trash or other practices, but I do find it enhancing them. The paintings I create in my Mini get scanned and printed so I can smash them in my Sweet Trash journal, making for a very satisfyingly thick document that consists of written journaling, some life documentation with photos, and art I’ve created both in and out of my MiniMoley.

I think I have developed an addiction to filling up books with evidence of my existence here on planet earth. It feels like an act of self-love – like a declaration. “I matter enough, my life matters enough to take up space (and printer ink).”

Onward to this week’s edition of #MiniMoleyMonday!

Here’s this week’s playlist.

Gallery Of #MiniMoleyDailies

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