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Thing 1A – Baby Sloths

My lovely friend, Cristin, reached out to me while I was in the middle of a rather uncomfortable moment to cheer me up. She sent me baby sloth videos, which I immediately fell in love with. I exclaimed, after watching one or two, that she NEEDED TO PAINT SLOTHS. And so, she did, because she’s rad like that.

This is just one of a series that she’s creating of baby sloths with the most adorable sentiments. You can a print of this beauty (I did!) over here, and find more of Cristin’s work here.

Think 1B – The Cult Of Effy

Uncomfortable moments happen in life, I know, but this week seemed rather rife with them, what with being ghosted by my boyfriend because he couldn’t have a difficult conversation (I’m single again! bummer!) and then being spoken of in not so gracious terms on social media (why do people do this?). I would love to tell you that none of it phased me because I’m BULLET PROOF Y’ALL, but the truth is, I felt rode hard and put up wet for most of the week.

One of the things that irritates me most about the mixed media arts community is how critical some ‘artists’ are of students and student work. As soon as a teacher artist gets popular, and their students start posting, someone, somewhere calls their fan base a ‘cult’. It’s so unnecessary, you know? And so cruel.

But I am a huge fan of turning meanness to mirth, so I asked my tribe to tell me what a “Cult Of Effy” might actually look like, and in response we all tossed around our ideal ‘cult’ look, feel, manifesto. One of my good friends, Greywolf Moonsong of a Pagan Heart In Maine (also an artist in his own right), created a group called – you guessed it – The Cult Of Effy, where we are all happily gathering. What started as a lark became a delicious little sanctuary in a world that’s grown rather too big & harsh for this tender wee beastie.   You can find it through my Facebook profile if you look hard enough.

I included both of these as Thing One because they are both shining examples of how my tribe shows up for me when shit gets real. I love you, my Wildlings. Thank you for being you.

Thing Two.

I dee

I deeply love trance music, and I found an album of EIGHT HOURS WORTH on iTunes. It is wonderful to paint to, and I find that it is inspiring my MiniMoley practice as well. This Mini spread is my favourite so far this week, too. The stencil is part of the ‘Bohemian Collection’ from Recollections (available at Michael’s) and so is that delicious tape.

Speaking of MiniMoley – I have produced SIXTY FOUR VIDEOS for this project, y’all. SIXTY FOUR! FOR FREE! You can find them here. 

If you want to follow along with my MiniMoleyDaily journey, you can find the archive here.

Thing Three – Inspiring Teachers*

I am honoured to have been interviewed by Terri Belford for her thirty day e-course “Inspired To Teach”. In this interview, I talk about the things I rarely talk about in social media or here on the blog – including how I build community, how I price my offerings, and how I got started. I am only one among some of the most sought out arts & creativity teachers, so if you are looking to be inspired, this is your huckleberry. Join me, along with bright lights like Chris Zydel, Connie Solera, Jodi Ohl, and Patti Digh by clicking here. Thirty days of inspiring content will arrive daily in your inbox!

*This is an affiliate link, which means that I am compensated for my participation as a guest in this e-course when you purchase the course through my link.

Thing Four – This Thing I Wrote

I am completely in love with what I wrote for April’s PDF for Book Of Days 2017, so I wanted to share it with you. There is a link near the end of the document to sign up for BOD 2017 at a discount. Please enjoy this peek into what I offer my BODkins. <3

Please note that BOD is on hiatus until May 1st, but there are thirteen weeks worth of content already up in the classroom for you to enjoy while we hiate. :D You will also be getting an invite to Aprils Live Video Gathering (closer to the end of the month, as well as the bonus content going up for BODkins throughout the month.

BOD is regularly $180 for the student coming in ‘off the street’, but for right now, you can sign up for the entire year’s worth of content for $99.

I do hope you join in, or at least, that you love this peek into what we’re up to. It is the singular most wonderful thing I’ve ever offered.

Thing Five – Chronology

My lovely Muppet (and yours) has come up with a weekly challenge called “Chronology” that is looking mighty fun to me. Each week, Sarah posts prompts for you to play with in your journal as you create a spread that encompasses your day by day.

There is even a Facebook group for communing and general shenanigans.

And that’s it for me for this week’s edition of Friday Five! I’ll see you next week.

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