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This week, I will be giving you the prompt key words for weeks 15 & 16, and then I will be taking a brief break from posting so I can take the time I need to properly watermark the images I have been sharing throughout this program.

It came to my attention last week that there has been some copy/pasting shenanigans with the work I do here, so I feel it necessary to shift things in order to protect my intellectual property and ensure that there is no further unauthorized use of the content. (BAH! I *hate* this stuff.)

The art cards I provide each week are meant for your *personal* use, which means you are welcome to print them off for your own reference. Personal use doesn’t include posting them on your website, blog, or showing them in your YouTube videos without my permission. The written prompts are meant for your *personal* use, which means you can copy/paste them into a file for your own records. They are not to be shared in your website, blog, or read out loud in your YouTube videos.

Thank you for respecting the hard work I do to create and maintain this project! I am happy to continue doing it, but things will be tweaked as follows:

The prompt cards will be watermarked with Unmarked cards will be available as a collection for sale in PDF format with the prompts included for those who want to collect them as a prompt deck + guidebook. This will allow you to print the ATC sized cards all at once, and laminate them or cut and paste them to playing cards or ATC cards.

The prompts themselves will remain the same, but they are not to be copy/pasted to your space on the web. If you are blogging your Journal52 journey, please link back to the original post if you want people to see where your inspiration came from. You can copy the url from your browser address bar in order to paste the link into your blog.

YouTubing your creations in response to the prompts is *totally fine* but sharing my images and prompts in the videos isn’t. Please refer your audience back to in order to view the cards/prompts.

For this week, I leave you with these two prompts, text only, since watermarking everything is going to take some time:

Week Fifteen – SOFT

Week Sixteen – RISE

I know this is way boring in comparison with what you usually get week to week, but I will be back for week 17 with the usual content for your enjoyment and personal use with safeguards in place so that my work can’t be lifted and used without credit or links back.

I genuinely hate this stuff, and I know that 99% of you are enjoying this program in exactly the way it is meant to be enjoyed. It is unfortunate that there are those who mistake ‘personal use’ for ‘any way i want to’, and make it necessary for these kinds of tweaks to be made, but that’s life, and I am adapting accordingly.

That being said, I’m grateful for the 99% of you who receive this in the spirit in which it is offered. Thank you for playing along with me as we journal our way through 2017. I love sharing this with you, and your work as seen in the Facebook group inspires me, and makes me chuffed up with pride. <3

I will post a reminder next Wednesday in our Facebook group that you’re on your own with the keyword for week 16. I’ll be back on week 17 with full posts including prompts and a way to purchase the unmarked ATC prompt cards.

See You In Week #17!

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