I’m extremely pleased to announce that all Journal52 posts have now been updated up to Week #16 (current week) with watermarked images and clear terms of service!

Here are the posts for Week #15 & Week #16 with images and prompts, as promised!

I have also installed an index of posts here on the blog + in the Facebook Group, which will be kept updated for your ease of use.

I am presently working on a printable e-book for you that includes unmarked images + the prompts, which will be available for sale shortly. Those of you who have already donated to Journal52 in an amount that covers (or more than covers) the cost of the e-book will be invited to write to me with your transaction number, and you will receive the e-book at no additional cost!

This program is still free. The e-book is a supplemental designed to both protect my intellectual property, and make it easier to print & use the cards. You can opt into or not as you see fit.

Thank you for helping me through this learning curve with grace and patience. I appreciate you *so much*.

Let us carry on with our gorgeous sharing & communing around this project. I look forward to seeing you in the Facebook Group!

Have a Great Week!