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Thing One

As you may remember, earlier this year I made a decision to dispense with the whole ‘newsletter’ thing. Instead of a formal newsletter, you had the option to get only certain kinds of posts, or all my posts in the form of ‘RSS to email’ sent directly from my blog. I’ve heard from enough of you now on this change to know that this *isn’t working*. What you want, you tell me, is to know what I’m writing about before you open the letter. You want one letter a week (instead of all the posts throughout the week). You want to know when a class is opening for registration, and when a class is going on sale. You want a clear delineation between my personal writing, and my business news.

I hear you, loves!

This was a good experiment. I learned a lot. I learned that you actually want to hear about my classes and other offerings. I learned that you need clearer headers in the mail I send you so you can choose to open it or not according to your interests. I also learned that knowing that these missives would land in your inbox whenever I wrote them gave me a bit of writer’s block.

So, a shift.

I am no longer using the RSS feature of my newsletter service. If you want to get my blog posts in your inbox as soon as I write them, you can sign up for that here. If you want my newsletter, you can sign up for that here. The newsletter will contain a round up of whatever posts I created here that week as well, so you don’t need to worry about missing out.

I also plan to have a subscriber’s perk page, and I am presently working on that. Along with the usual ‘beloveds discounts’ that you have all grown familiar with over the years, I want to give you access to free stuff, like mini workshops, resources, and printables. I will be letting you all know (via the newsletter) when that is ready for you. I expect it will take me a week or so to get that put together.

Thanks for your patience while I grapple with the whole ‘marketing’ thing, and the whole ‘personal writing vs. business writing’ thing. It’s hard y’all! I’m still finding my way.

Thing Two

There is a giveaway on my blog right now for a seat in Ever After 2017* Click through to find out more about the course, and to enter if you’d like to win a free seat!

Thing Three

A couple of Friday’s ago, I did a live video class with my peeps, and in it, I demonstrated how to make a simple vintage tin travel palette. The idea originates with Sarah Trumpp, who gave me one of these beauties for my birthday last year. This tutorial is quick & easy! You can find mint tins of all sorts of styles via Etsy & Amazon, or just buy yourself a tin of Altoids and use that! I found mine at Curry’s Art Supply, which I’m lucky to have here in my town.

This juicy little palette is full of Daniel Smiths, but you could easily do this with tubes of any watercolour paint you have on hand. Koi Sakura are a nice brand for the beginner. QoR & Daniel Smiths are pricey, but gorgeous, and I’ve fallen in love with using them to do watercolour meditations on a regular basis.

Speaking of live video classes, I do these once a month for my students in Book Of Days, but all my tribe are welcome to join me. I will be sending out announcements regarding when those are via my newsletter from now on.

Thing Four

Last week, I discovered that there is a ‘Bierhalle’ within walking distance from my house. Descendants Beer & Beverage Company is a lovely venue with communal seating, and regular events. I just like that I can walk there, plunk myself down on a bench at a long scarred old wooden table, and sit and sketch or paint while I wile away the hours.

Spread out like an artsy river all over the table. That brew upper left is called “Rose Fortune” and it is delicious. The palette, lower left is the one Sarah made for me last year.

This is the watercolour meditation I did while sipping my beer and nibbling on a cheese board. It was a few lovely hours away from the house and out among other humans. I began doing these meditations after I took Creative Revolution with Flora Bowley. She even include one of my paintings in her student gallery! Check it out!

Thing Five

Upon recommendation by one of my BODkins, I picked up this book by Jessa Crispin called “The Creative Tarot: A Modern Guide to An Inspired Life.”

It is written *for* the creative who uses tarot the way I do – as a mirror to my soul and a way to check in with my own inner wisdom. As I mentioned on Facebook this morning, I’ve been pulling nothing but pentacles for the last two weeks, and this morning I pulled this card:

This image is from the guidebook that comes with the deck I most often use these days, called The Wild Unknown.

I love the guidebook that comes with the deck, but The Creative Tarot took me even deeper with this:

“It’s time to take on a new task. A new project that complements what you’re already doing but is also a diversion. Sometimes we decide we need t hunker down and focus, to pour all of our energy and time into one thing. But then when we actually sit down to do the focusing and the pouring, we stare blankly at the empty page or blank canvas. Sometimes juggling two things at once allows you to give more to each, because one project inspires the other.”

Both guidebooks are relevant and meaningful for me right now. Yes, change is afoot. Yes, tweaking must be done. But I mustn’t forget that I’m a creative, and I need diversion, fun things to do that aren’t all worky so that I keep the pump primed and the work flowing

And that’s it for this week! I hope you’re on board with the changes I’m making with the newsletter vs. blog thing. I know that it’s a true thing that I can’t make everyone happy, but I think if I put myself at the head of the list of people I’m trying to please, I’ll be okay. Keeping a separate newsletter will be helpful for me, and I hope it will be helpful for you, too.

In case you missed it, here’s the link to sign up! I’ll be in touch again soon with a link to the subscriber’s perk page!

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