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Thing One

You may have noticed that there was no Friday Five last week. I had a very good reason for that, though, so read on!

Every year, for about ten years now, I’ve done my best to make it out to at least one festival of the ‘revel fire ’till dawn’ kind. This year, I had planned on going to Wic-Can Fest for the weekend, and I was really excited about it because I haven’t had any time off of the ‘away from home’ variety since last October.

Well, on Monday, I wrote to the organizer to confirm what I’d need to pay for the weekend, and she wrote back to ask me to come in for the entire duration, since she needed someone to help with registration. BOOYAH!

So, off I went for four glorious nights, and five glorious days in the best weather we’ve seen in Southwestern Ontario so far this year! I danced. I feasted. I imbibed. I indulged in adornment (henna, y’all. I love the stuff). I bought a few festive things to wear. I listened to live music every night. I got wickedly sunburned, and then discovered the wonders of cannabis cream. I communed with the oaks. I shook my ta tas at the fire. My bestie came up on Saturday, and we spent the day and night quietly enjoying one another’s (platonic, but precious) company.

A friend asked me why I love pagan festivals so much, and I declared that for years, as a spiritual lone wolf, I’d lost and missed the communal things – the feasts, the raising of voices in song, the revel fires, the long talks into the night, the beauty of ritual, the ways we mark our milestones, and pagan festivals give those things back to me, and then some. Having gone to this particular festival for nigh on a decade now, it feels, every single time, like a family reunion.

Wic-Can Fest and Harvest Fest aren’t the ‘biggest’ festivals in Southwestern Ontario, but they are my favourite. I always meet someone new while surrounded by the comfort of the familiar. I watch children grow up, and beloved friends grow older, year after year.

I don’t have a blood family to speak of, except for those blood kin that issued forth from my body, so this is as close as I ever get to that familial feeling.

I love it, y’all. Love it. And I love the people that inhabit this gorgeous home away from home that I get to revisit year after year.

Thing Two

Lately, when I post a piece of art I’ve finished, I often hear things like “I want a print of that” or “Can I buy that?” or “That would look great as an <insert thing with my art on it here>”. So, voila.

Yup! I’m on Society6, y’all! Someone already has a bathmat winging its way toward them as I type! Check it out here, and thank you for your support! <3

Thing Three

I finished this lesson for Book Of Days in the nick of time to wing my way off to Wic-Can fest. She is glorious, no? I created her to express what best nourishes me – earth & fire. She’s a kind of an homage to Klimt & Modigliani – two of my favourite artists.

I know we’re half way through the year, but that really shouldn’t stop you from joining me in Book Of Days 2017! You get indefinite access (so, like, as long as I’m alive and teaching), so you can take your time. You won’t want to, though. You’ll want to dive in and do ALL THE THINGS, but it will be nice to know you don’t have to. Content is also downloadable so if you’d love a mixed media art buffet just waiting for you to gorge on, I’m your huckleberry.

Click here for details. (ON SALE NOW)

Thing Four

Since my return home this past Monday, I’ve pretty much barricade myself into my studio. As much as I enjoyed the time away from work, I really missed my painty table and my ridiculously large array of supplies. I started a background on Monday, and finished it yesterday. Then, I sketched one of the elongated faces I’ve been loving lately. I’m thinking about merging the two into a complete spread later today, if time permits. If not, maybe tomorrow.

Look at her little face! I posted her with the caption “I wonder what she’s thinking” and someone suggested she’d lost her under eye concealer. *Giggles* I loved that comment so much!

Thing Five

I finished the last details for my lesson for Art Journal Summer School, which begins on July 1st! Here’s a sneaky peek of the PDF. This collection of very quick tutorials will keep you creating all summer long!

My contribution includes a DIY watercolour travel palette, and a postcard project that made me wish *I* was traveling abroad this year, and you know that says something because, unless we’re talking about a festival that’s just an hour and a half up the road, I do not travel well. Still, even though I’m not traveling abroad, this project can be adapted to the staycation with ease.

I hope you join me, since it’s going to be super fun, and I’ve come to really value the benefit of quick tutorials that get me creating in 20 mins or less.

Want something more in depth and full on? Try Ever After 2017.

I guarantee you will be enchanted by the lessons in painting fairy tales AND developing your own style. I will be working with the tale of Baba Yaga as told in Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s book “Women Who Run With The Wolves”. In this two for one portrait lesson, we will create a blind contour painting of our inner wise old hag (we’ve all got one) and more composed portrait of our inner princess (we’ve all got one of those as well.). See you there!

And that’s it for this week’s edition of Friday Five! I hope you enjoyed this peek into what’s delighting & inspiring me this week. Have a beautiful weekend and I’ll see you back here soon. <3

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