Purse Dump*

  • I go back to therapy today at 2 p.m. I am not loving that. I don’t want to. I am dragging myself kicking and screaming, because I *genuinely can’t afford it* and also because the next layer of stuff that needs tending is deep childhood stuff, and I’m feeling a lot of resistance.
  • Having my kid here is very difficult. Our personalities clash, and we seem to trigger the hell out of one another. I wish I could set a boundary with him that he talk to someone other than me about his personal problems, because that seems to be the trouble spot. I feel like we need a mediator before we can talk about anything so that neither of us gets misunderstood. This sucks more than you can imagine and makes my home life pretty much a living hell. He’s looking for another situation, and I’ll be grateful when we can be a little less in each others faces. So, that’s my morning. Heh. Yay, parenting!
  • I’ve made a decision to emerge out of hiding and back into a local meatspace community that I’d left behind when my middle kid got sick. I’m hoping for a lot of shenanigans because after a year of shenaniganlessness, I need shenanigans. I NEED SHENANIGANS. <—–This is a true fact.
  • I’m feeling a lot of pressure to release my programs early this year because, reasons. I hate/love pressure. It gets me moving. It makes me batshit. But it gets me moving, so I’ll take the batshit.
  • Aside from the kid stuff, I’m in a pretty good head space. Work has been very flowy and gorgeous lately, and I’m very excited about upcoming things.
  • Tomorrow is my besties birthday. He doesn’t much enjoy being celebrated, so I’m going to quietly celebrate him in secret while he isn’t looking, because fuck that.
  • That’s all for today.


*A Purse Dump is a list form blog that lets you just get all the crap that’s in your head out on the page. I tend not to edit mine, because I’m the queen of oversharing, but you can edit yours if you like.

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