Some of us are more resilient than others, and I’m not entirely sure why that is in a general sense, but I do know that a great deal of my resilience comes from my ability to fling glitter in the trenches.

Flinging glitter, for me, is a metaphor for the things we do to beautify our lives and the lives of those around us. When shit gets real, when the world is going to hell in a hand basket, when my life feels overwhelmingly difficult, I go looking for what’s *right*, or I create something that’s *right*.  I look for the places where I can get myself in gear, get some kind of forward motion going. I like to think of this as ‘moving in the direction of my prayers’, though from the outside looking in it may look more like ‘faking it ’till I make it.’ And sometimes, it looks like sitting on the couch with my hand in a bag of cheesies and my finger on the remote while I watch crap on Netflix.

Either way. I don’t deny the overwhelming sorrow, or the fear, or the frustration. I nod at it, give it a ‘yup, I see you there….’ and then I go do whatever I can do.


Do the dishes.

Light the candles. Pray the prayers. Cook the meals.

These are small acts of rebellion against whatever feels daunting, and I believe that this is how shit gets done. Life sucks? Feel that. Be with that. And then do something to make it better. Something’s broken that can’t be fixed? Find something that can be fixed and go fix that. Chop wood. Carry water. Whatever else is going on, *life* goes on, and I have learned how to roll with it instead of getting rolled over.

This is not always easy, and I’m not suggesting that we just spiritually bypass everything away with a ‘love and light’ attitude. I’m saying that it is true what they say: when the going gets tough, the tough fling glitter!

I’m paraphrasing, but I’m pretty sure you know what I mean.


I’ve seen my share of trauma, both personal and global, and the one thing that it always seems to stir up in me is a kind of joy warrior-ship. I think of Klinger, in MASH, and how his shenanigans seemed to make things just a bit more bearable. There was no denying how horrific their situation was, but still. There was Klinger, in the trenches, adjusting his silk stockings and matching his hat to his shoes. Something about that resonates with me, and even though he was a kind of accidental joy warrior (he did the dressing up thing in an attempt to get ‘sectioned out’ of the war), he still sprinkled that shit everywhere, and so do I.

It can be so hard to enjoy your life while all of *waves at all of this* is going on. The politics, the social justice break downs, the hurricanes, the fires…people are in pain, people are dying…and yet, the only thing I know how to do in the face of all this is to rage against despair with my joy. I know it doesn’t serve anyone to let things that are completely outside of my control dictate how I’m going to feel at any given moment. I know that my wandering around holding my guts in all day doesn’t get shit done.

Here’s what I believe:

You can hold space within yourself for all the things. You are enormous. You contain multitudes. You can be confounded and frustrated and angry and dance in the kitchen while you’re doing the dishes. You can feel *with* a world in pain, and also feel *with* yourself & others in joy. I think that’s magicks. I think, when we acknowledge what’s wrong, and we do what we can to fix it, we have to, for the sake of our own sanity, turn to the thing that’s right, or create a right thing. Add our joy to the collective. Add our shenanigans to the gloom and doom. Add our laughter. Add our love.

When in doubt, fling glitter.


Today’s Nudge: What do you do to foster joy? What’s your version of ‘flinging glitter in the trenches?”

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