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In Other News

I had a lovely weekend off from Social Media. It was a needful thing, since I was inundated with information I could do *exactly nothing about*, and it was stressing me out to the max. I didn’t check out of life. I just quieted down the noise, trusting that if there was something I really needed to know, it would come to my attention.

Instead of clicking obsessively on news about the hurricane(s), I sat on my couch until three in the morning, listening to music and playing Yahtzee. I wandered out of the house for cake and a pint with friends (some old, some new). I went to Ribfest with my bestie and stuffed my face with BBQ. I blogged, but other than that, I didn’t check news, alerts, or notifications.

It was glorious.

The thing I trust about life is that it’s going to go on with or without me. I don’t have to show up for all of it. I can take a break. Another thing I trust about life is that it will wear me down like a well-traveled road if I don’t take these breaks, and if I’m worn down, I’m completely useless. I prefer to be useful. I prefer to be of service where I am able, and that takes some judicious sorting of what I can and can’t do, of what’s useful and what’s not.

Something I struggled with early in the year was marketing while all of *waves at all of that* was going on.

I felt horribly guilty about flinging glitter about my classes when the world seemed to be going to hell in a hand basket. I wasn’t the only one, either. There were a bunch of us who were experiencing deep empathy-induced squick about promoting our stuff.

Well, this hurt me. It hurt my bottom line. It hurt my ability to be of service. It meant I wasn’t able to give as many scholarships as I’d have liked. It meant I was often stressed and even panicked about finances. It rendered me useless.

Kelly Diels has been integral during this time of re-framing what I’m doing and how I’m marketing. She has helped me to reclaim my voice in this arena, to question *why* I feel uncomfortable about doing everything I can to support myself during these difficult times. She has busted the shame, named the problems, dug out the root of it (hint: it’s the patriarchy!) and waved it around so I can *really see it*.

We label ourselves deserving or undeserving according to what we are told about ourselves, and then we act accordingly, and that costs us all.

It costs us personally, and it costs us collectively. It costs us our ability to stand together against what will inevitably bring us down.

I’m a lot more useful when I’m fed, clothed, housed, and can get my teeth fixed. I’m a lot more powerful and empowering when I can show up to do my work rested and ready. I’m a lot more of a force for good when I am not dependent on anyone else to get my basic needs met.

So, this thing I had about marketing while the world was going to hell in a handbasket? I did away with it, in part due to Kelly Diels and her amazing work in the arena of culture making, social justice, and exposing insidious nature of the Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand.

If you’re doing any kind of work in the world, and you want to dismantle marketing practices that hurt people,  you really want to know her.


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