Sunday Swoon is a series here on my blog where I share something I’m proud of. It’s an exercise in self-care to notice where I’m doing well, or what I’m awesome at or proud of, so I aim to do it at least once a week.

You’re invited to join me, either by grabbing the button (left) and sharing on your own blog (with a link back here if you like!), by sharing on social media with the hashtag #showoffyourshiny, or by commenting below.

This week’s swoon worthy shiny thing is a spread I did for Mixed Tape II. I broke this eight week session of Mixed Tape up into themed weeks, and this week’s theme is “Hopelessly Devoted”. My intention was to demonstrate shrine making in the journal by honouring one of my favourite musical artists, Stevie Nicks.

This was a super fun spread to create. A limited palette and some funky hand drawn fonts always make me swoon.

In Other News

Yesterday, I had the kids over for dinner – soup, of course, because SOUP. I made a clear (as opposed to creamed) potato bacon with leeks, which was delicious. Lots of pepper & herbs Provence. We devoured it with a delicious loaf the kids brought over from the market.

I *thought* there was a PowWow today, but I read things wrong, and it was actually yesterday. SO DISAPPOINTED! I’m being taken out for brunch as a consolation because Hollandaise sauce makes everything better.

Later this evening, I’m heading out to a gathering of friends with the guy I’m seeing, and tomorrow, it’s back to my regularly scheduled programming.

I hope you had a gorgeous weekend, and that you have something swoon worthy to share.


P.S. Here’s one of my favourite Stevie songs. It’s not her best known by far, but the lyrics really move me.

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