Wow, what a week! I have been a busy bee, working my wings furiously, gathering honey from my inner landscape in order to build offerings for you in 2018! Sweeeeeeet!

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Back again this year for the sixth year running, Book Of Days is my signature offering. Join me for a year of art journaling designed to help you build a creative practice, a body of work, and an art habit that you won’t be able to shake!

Book of Days includes time lapsed videos for inspiration and entertainment,  full length video tutorials, bed head diaries (vlogs), musings, and a delicious community to art in throughout the course of 2018. Designed to keep you inspired and motivated, it is the best thing I’ve ever done, and i am so happy to share it with you.

If you visit here, you can read more about it, find out what people are saying, and get a feeling for what I’m offering. Please note that there is an EARLY BIRD PRICE until December 31st, as well as a BUNDLE available so that you can have both BOD and Moonshine in 2018, if you’re wanting to go deeper. This class includes instant access bonuses as well as forever access + downloadable content. All members in this class will also have access to the most loving mixed media art clan *on the planet* (or so they tell me). You may come into our closed Facebook Group as a stranger, but you will quickly become part of the clan. Join for ongoing motivation, inspiration, and instruction the likes of which you won’t get anywhere else.  CLICK FOR MORE. 

Back by popular demand, Moonshine is my “art witchery, woo woo” container wherein we will all engage the spiritual aspect of creative practice through art journaling, altar building, ritual, ceremony, and the use of oracles as portals into our journal. Join me for a ‘turn of the wheel from December 31st, 2017 through December 31st, 2018.

This class will include time lapsed videos for inspiration and entertainment, full length mixed media art tutorials, monthly PDFs that include musings on the energies of the moon we’re in, correspondences, suggested activities, and bits and pieces of what I like to call ‘art witchery’. Tarot, moon phases, the Wheel of The Year, finding the sacred in the ordinary, all of these will be covered this year in Moonshine.

We will also be growing our own “Art Witch Coven” this year via our Facebook Group, which will be our place to commune, raise energy for each other, support & encourage one another, and share our work. This class includes instant access bonuses as well as forever access + downloadable content. Join for ongoing soul nourishment, motivation, and spiritual development.  CLICK FOR MORE. 

I will have more coming out for you as we wrap up the year, so stay tuned! You can also join me in Life Book 2018, or over at Patreon, where I release a new mixed media art journaling lesson *monthly* for those at the $5 (time lapsed) or $10 reward level.


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