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The last two years with Journal52 have been stellar, but they have also been a bit out of my personal comfort zone. It can be a truly daunting task to run a group of over 11 000, especially when there are significant expenses incurred, and not a lot of assistance with that. Next year, I want things to be pared down. More intimate. I want us to feel safe engaging the prompts in an environment that is less ‘drop in’ and more ‘community’. Hence, the following changes:

Journal52 will continue in 2018, but I will be offering it a little bit differently. I am planning two different delivery methods – one will be monthly subscription based, and the other will be an annual membership, but I haven’t quite banged out the details yet. I can’t continue doing it for free, though, so there will be a nominal fee that is as yet ‘to be determined’. (I have to math before I can set a fair price!).

The current group will be archived at the end of 2017, and a new group(s) will arise for those who decide to continue on with me.

Please sign up here to get announcements on these changes. This will be the primary way to get information on how we are continuing this program next year. This list will *only be used for the new Journal52 announcements* and once that information has been sent out, it will be deleted. You will be invited to join my general list before that happens, but you will not be ‘auto-added’. You will get to choose! <3

Journal52 – Week #45

Every week in 2017, you will receive a new prompt card from Effy Wild. Designed to jump start your next art journal spread, these cards are printable for your future use as well, so you can expect to collect 52 cards by the end of the year! Each card comes with a word, definition, synonyms, art prompt, and ‘oracle prompt’. You can copy/paste this information for your own records, and use it & the card in meditation, or in written or art journaling as you see fit!

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Feel free to save this image, and print it for your own personal use as an art journal prompt card OR as an oracle/meditation card.In sharing your responses to these prompts on line, I ask that you use the following format:

“This week I’m working with the prompt “word” from Effy Wild’s Journal52 <linked to>. You can find the prompt and art card here. <permalink to the post for that week.>.

Please don’t lift the cards or written prompts from my website to share in your own spaces. Direct folks to the original post at so they can find it themselves.

Feel free to copy/paste this information for your own records:

Something (such as a river, a fence, or an imaginary line) that shows where an area ends and another area begins. A point or limit that indicates where two things become different.

Limit, confine, extent, limitation, line, edge.

Create a spread that explores your current boundaries. What will you *not* stand for? What lines will you not allow anyone to cross?


Where are you needing better boundaries? Looser ones? What is your relationship with the word ‘no’? With the word ‘yes’?

As always, do whatever you feel inspired to do! Use what you have! Create in anyway you are inspired to create! Enjoy! And have a great week!

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