Last year in September, my blogging friends and I blogged every day in September and lived to tell the tale. I did some of my best writing during that thirty days, and got clear on a lot of what was going on inside and around me. It was incredibly therapeutic. Some of us kept it up throughout the year, and some of us (ahem, yours truly) fell into the usual dusty blog thing, but I’m back, and I’m ready to blog every day in April! Want to join me?

How It Works

Make a commitment to blog every day in April.

Do it.

If you want to build your readership, post a link to your blog in our Facebook group and then visit and comment on three blogs you find posted there. You can also leave a link to your latest blog post on my latest blog post.

Make new friends. Build a blogging (*cough* addiction) habit.

Easy peasy.

See you there. 

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