Every day in April, I will blog. That’s the short and sweet version of this intro post.

The longer version is that I love blogging. but running a creative business means that unless I’m all disciplined about it, it just doesn’t happen (as you can clearly see when you look at my dusty blog!). I write every day. Content, emails, responses to things. Every day, my fingers fly over the keyboard at a rate of at least 80 wpm, and if I tallied it all up, I’d end up with thousands of words a day – easy. And I love that kind of writing. I love being connected, feeling heard, feeling like my thoughts and feelings, expressed through words, have impact. It’s the Libra in me, I think, or maybe I’m just a natural born communicator. But, blogging is special. It’s not the same as writing content or emails or writing responses to things. It is a little like entering a confessional, sitting down, and sharing my heart. It’s more conversational, less formal, more fulfilling somehow, so here is a gift I’m giving myself. The time to do it. The time to be with myself on the page in this old, familiar way.

Creating communities around challenges like these serves me well, because it keeps me accountable, I swear, if I didn’t do this ‘in community’ I’d never do it. I’d never do most of what I do. I’m just a community kind of person. So, every year, twice a year, once in April, and again in September, I blog every day for a month, and invite others to do the same. We have a Facebook group, and in that group the only rule is that for every link you post to your own blog, you go off and read three other blogs and leave a comment. This is simply a way to ensure that a community happens rather than just a ‘promo’ group. You’re welcome to join in as long as you are willing to read and comment on three blogs for every blog you post. Click here to join us!  If you’re too busy for that, you’re welcome to just blog on your own for a month. Easy peasy. No one is keeping score. There are no prizes except that you get to build your own readership by regularly populating your blog with good content.

So, let’s do this thing!

I come to you today after a very moody weekend. I have a wicked case of cabin fever. I have not had time or energy for anything outside of the stuff I’m currently grappling with (paperwork, which is almost done. Halleyloo!). I’m also on a two + week period, thanks to peri-menopause, which makes leaving the house for any length of time uncomfortable and anxiety inducing. Flooding. Have you heard of this? It is pretty annoying. Draining (hah! NO PUN INTENDED), inconvenient, life-limiting. The last time I did this kind of extended cycle, I was rewarded with a six month hiatus from all things period, so let’s hope that happens again, shall we? Because I am so over all of this. OVER it! *Declares to the powers that be that she is OVER IT.*

But as far as the rest of my life goes, things are pretty swell, so though I am moody, I am also grateful. I feel pretty generously lavished upon by the powers that be. I feel in a kind of flow that took me years to establish. I know what I’m doing. I know how to do it. I get it done.

This blisses me out. You have no idea. I am a list slaying machine, and I love it.

I’m teaching two major programs this year. Book of Days and Moonshine. One is secular, and the other is spiritual. They require equal attention to detail, so I am busier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but I am ON FIRE over it all. Awake. Alive. In love. Something about being of service. Something about seeing how it’s working for and in others. Something about all of that coming *through* me. It’s enough to give a girl a big head some days. Me. I did that. PUFFS UP. PREENS. Woo!

Sookie and Sasha. Loveliest of companions. Missing from this picture is my cat, Sybil, who was too busy chasing an OB tampon around the house (she fishes them out of the box to play with regularly) to bother posing.

And in my personal life, things are pretty quiet. I have my meatspace women that I see regularly (art ladies who lunch with Sal, and braless whichever day of the week Stacey and I can manage it). I have an ‘umfriend’ that I see infrequently (we are both hella busy) but it’s enough to keep the desperate loneliness at bay. I have my kids. I have my absolutely gorgeous fur babes. I have a spiritual practice that sustains and elevates me. I have classes I’m taking (and actually taking, not just buying and side-eyeing, but taking!). I have research I’m doing into my own ancestral lineages. I have books I’m reading (not just buying and side-eyeing, but actually reading).

“One At A Time” – Mixed media on paper for Moonshine2018

And I quit sugar. Cold turkey. Just decided I was done with the high and lows of blood sugar related crashes. I eschew all refined carbs. I eat only what is available in the outer isles of the grocery store – vegetables, meats, cheeses, some fruits, healthy fats. I’m losing weight, which wasn’t really the point, but I’ll take it. I’m a bit food obsessed right now, though, which I find annoying. I think about and talk about food way more than I ever did before. I love to cook, so discovering how to cook without the usual fare – pasta, potatoes, gravy made with roux, bread to sop up the juices – has been an adventure. (Sorry to those of you on social media who are sick of my keto updates, but you know me! If I’m excited, I share. I can’t help myself!). I’m looking forward to seeing the changes this will create in my lovely body, but what I’m already seeing is this: no more ‘hangries’, no more 4 p.m. crashes, no more gnawing hunger that I just ignore until that crazy nightly binge on ‘healthy’ but incredibly high sugar foods, like bread, mashed potatoes, pasta gorges. If I need food, my brain *shuts off*. There’s no ignoring it. I get this buzzing in my head that will not let me concentrate on anything else, so I must take a break, prepare something fresh and delicious and eat it before I am allowed to function any further. Of course, now that I know that, I no longer wait that long. I eat periodically throughout the day. I have things I prepare ahead of time that are easy to grab and nom. Like devilled eggs. Like deli wraps made with meats and cheeses rolled up in Boston lettuce. I eat a lot of salad with full fat dressing, avocados, and cheeeeese. I drink a French Press full of strong brewed coffee with coconut oil and ghee every morning, which means I am not starving until sometime in the afternoon like I used to. I eat chunks of butter, drink cups of butter laced broth. My body is in love with me as. result. I can feel it. Anyway, I watched this, and it changed my life. I’ll stop talking about food now. *Grins*

I’ve falling in love with Bullet Journaling.

I have this art bin that I set up with pretty much everything I could ever imagine needing. Tombow markers, Pilot Permaballs, Uniball Visions, Pigma microns, stickers, glue sticks, washi tape, paint markers, silver, white, and gold gel pens, stencils, staplers…but I generally only use the Tombows, the Pigma Microns, the paint pens, the washi, and the glue sticks. I have it set up so that everything is within reach whenever I’m journaling. I just finished the #30DaysMagicalRoots project, and have now moved on to drawing a rune a day and making notes.

Yesterday, I put together a journal to use for 78 Mirrors with Susannah Conway. I’m a long time tarotista – thirty plus years now – but I like taking classes like this in order to deepen my understanding and carve out practices that will serve me. Here’s my new journal set + a peek at my BuJo Bin (which makes my Libra heart very, very happy!). I’ve got a spread for each card prepared, plus a weekly planner to record pulls, plus plenty of room for notes.

Here’s a Quick Look at one of my BuJo’s. This is the one I’m using for spiritual stuff.

So, you know. Busy, but happy. And you? How are you?


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