I bought this super cool art bin a few month’s ago while out for lunch with my friend, Sal. She and I hit up Curry’s, as we often do, and this bin called my name. I thought I might do some kind of traveler’s kit with it so that I could indulge in some ‘out of the house’ art adventures, but you know what happened? I brought it home and didn’t look at it again.It got put on top of a very high bookshelf because I had zero room for it anywhere else, and I totally forgot it existed.

A few months after, Sal and I were out for lunch again, and this time, we hit up Micheal’s. I picked up some stuff for my BuJo – some stamps, stickers, and a few other things – and I said “I have no idea where I’m going to put all this stuff. This BuJo thing is getting out of hand!” and she reminded me of the art bin I bought months ago. My BuJo Bin got put together that very afternoon, and I’ve been using it ever since.

Check this out!

Before: I kept everything in a large tote bag and just dumped it out when I wanted to play.

After – Ahhhhhhhhh. Both my inner child (who has always loved boxes of things like this) and my inner Libra are verra verra happy with this.

So, without further ado, here is a video walk through of my Sweet Trash + Bujo Journals, My new Tarot Journal, and My Bujo Bin! Enjoy!

View On Vimeo

I’ve added the BuJo stuff to the Sweet Trash Journal Class I produced (for free!) last year! You can have the whole class if you like! Just click through this image to register.

See you tomorrow!!


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