I’m feeling some resistance to being here today, but I’m here. My only option at the moment is to keep typing and hope something worthwhile pops out, because I’ve got nothing.

I mean, I’ve got lots of things, but nothing I want to share on the world wide web, because most of it is still pretty tender, and I’m unsure of how to even interpret any of it.

It was new moon yesterday, and I spent most of it in bed with my dogs, listening to audio books, sipping tea, and scribbling in my journal. It was most needed, but left me with a bit of a ‘weekend hangover’. Do you ever get those? Like, you finally do actually deeply relax and then you resent the hell out of Monday because you can’t relax any more?

It’s a bummer.

That being said, I have a Spoken Word Poetry workshop to go to this evening, and then I’m meeting at least one of my kids at a local open mic for a vodka soda (aka Skinny Bitch!) and some time outside the house, so *bounce!*


We are having the weirdest April weather with snow and ice storms, threats of outages and trees down. This is not the April I was hoping for. I know it will pass, but argh! This living three flights up thing is really starting to wear me down. At least if I had a yard to hang out in, I’d be able to sit bundled up on a stoop with a coffee, and get some sun on my face.

My dogs hate being walked in the winter – like, they refuse, so we have a pee pad system, which sucks, but you know what sucks worse? Trying to walk dogs that *will not budge* and just cry at you because they don’t want to be outside. So, you know. Diva dogs. I know if I had a backyard, they’d run out, do their biz, and run back in, so I am having all kinds of backyard envy.

Still plugging along with tax stuff, with requests for confirmation on this, and corrections on that coming in at a steady pace. I will be so glad when it’s done.

Got social booked for the week, too, which is nice. The only day I have free is Tuesday, and I think I’ll keep that for myself. I might even venture out next weekend, if there’s something fun happening. That is, if the weather shifts.


Sarah made this gelli plate video and I’m so grateful, because I suck at gelli plating – I just don’t feel it, you know? I did a huge live on it years ago, and basically never touched it again. Sarah is super good at it, though, and she gave me permission to share it far and wide, so if you’re waiting for me to teach gelli plating, you can stop now because NO and Sarah did it for me. :)

The magazine image transfers amazed me and are tempting to me to drag out my dusty plate. Maybe if I lie down, the urge will pass. :D


I’m filming a Mixed Tape monthly lesson today, which features a gesso transfer. I want to work with the song “Woman Down” by Alanis Morrissette this month. I hope it turns out, because transfers and I have never really gotten along, but gesso transfers tend to work best for me. I like how grungy and ghostly they look. I’ll be sure to post a picture when the project is done. You can get Mixed Tape Monthly via my Patreon account. These are full length (at the $10 level) or speed length (at the $5 level) tutorials that come out each and every month. I plan to release the first six episodes to the public at large (as a paid class) very soon, though, so if you’d rather get ’em all at once, stay tuned.

And that’s me, today.

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