Every month in Moonshine, we make a vow on the New Moon, and paint as a way to offer up energy towards the attainment of our desire. This past new moon, I painted about wanting to balance compassion with impulse, and made a vow to *pause* before i act. This led to a deep period of introspection about a relationship-ish thing I was in, pausing to really lean into how I felt about it. And then I acted in full awareness of what I was choosing (a hand up to say ‘no’) and why I was choosing it (too much old tape around ambivalence, and avoidant attachment).

There are breadsticks – you know – those delightful ‘between relationship’ encounters that are delicious but are never going to be the main event, and then there is the roller coaster that is feast or famine, hot or cold, and while I am all over and a huge fan of breadsticks, I am not wired to withstand feast or famine.

Which doesn’t mean it was an easy choice. I had to weigh the weight of ‘nothing at all’ against ‘a little something now and then’, but when the latter comes with anxiety, the choice, for me, is clear. No hard feelings. Not working for me. No more un-dating for me. If I do venture out again, it will be in the context of *actually dating* someone who *actually wants to date*.

So, I’m good with that.


I was out with my lovely friend, Sal, today. YOU MUST CHECK OUT HER ART SHE IS AMAZING! Anyway, we had the most amazing lunch – a crisp, citrusy Sauvignon Blanc (Kim Crawford), a goat cheese platter with roasted garlic, and lettuce leaves to wrap it in instead of focaccia, and a deeply, deeply earthy wild mushroom soup with basil oil. We got caught up on what’s going on. Did a quick (like, for me, quickest ever) trip to Curry’s to pick up a few needful things (in my case, fluorescent Liquitex Soft Body paints, and a few new brushes, and in her case, Copic refills). We marvelled at my restraint, and laughed at my uncharacteristically tiny bag of stuff.

I adore her. I really do. She’s just…

Well, let me tell you. I was talking about wanting desperately to upgrade my skills, because while it is true that most people don’t sign up for my classes because I make great art (I make okay art! Don’t get me wrong! It’s okay! But it’s not great!), I would really like to be creating art at the same level as I write. Which is a little unfair because I have been writing since I first held one of those chubby blue pencils in my hand in kindergarten, but I have only been painting since late 2009, and I work *so hard, y’all, like you have no idea*, so time is at a premium, and there is very little time for ‘skills upgrades’, if you know what I mean.

But I know it’s time. I have some catching up to do. I want to be really good. Not just ‘passably okay’, but, like I said, at least as good at the art part as I am the writing part (and I am really fabulous at the writing part, so I have some catching up to do!).

Anyway, I was saying this, and she said, “Well, that’s it, Effy. You’re going to come over a few hours a week, and we are just going to draw.”

Just like that. You and me, we’re going to slay this thing together. We’re going to get you there. 

That’s the kind of friend she is.

This is where the average blogger would say hashtag ‘so blessed’ but, really, all I’ve got is a gobsmacked, watery, stupid ass grin on my face, because whoa, man. So. Fucking. Blessed.

And also, Sal, I keep forgetting the deli paper, and the other thing, so please TEXT ME AND REMIND ME NEXT TIME because I am such a scatterbrain. Love you. <3


I’m playing with branding, because there is a lot of slick stuff out there that makes me have branding envy. I hooked myself up with a five day challenge/course (for free) called Vibe Your Tribe put on by Jessica at Photograph Your Brand. 

She’s got us asking ourselves what kind of unicorn we are (I’m a goth/emo unicorn), what words we use to describe our personality (a little on the dark side of fey, crotchety swearbear) and challenging us to use photographs of ourselves that actually reflect our personalities to that we will attract the right people. She also has us writing elevator speeches of the ‘very quickly describe who you work for, what you do, and what you believe’ kind.

Anyway. I’m having fun with Canva, which was a new discovery for me, and this morning, I made a few branding graphics that thrilled me, and one that legit*CRACKED ME THE FUCK UP*. I love them so much. Here are just a few.

Ya gotta click them to see the ‘tag line’ at the bottom. I am delighted, and preening, and very pleased with myself.

And that’s me, today.

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