Well, a bunch of us did it, or at least, did part of it! YAHOO!

I ran out of steam nearing the end due to having way too much personal shit to deal with and not enough emotional energy to deal with anything else. But still! I managed to get most days in, and I consider that a win! And, because I skipped a few days, I feel nudged to keep on blogging. Win win.

it was good. Some good writing came out of it. Some new connections. Some renewed connections. And the reminder that, yes, I can do this. I can write like this, regularly, openly. And when I write, my people show up to read. Maybe not in droves, but at least a few will come leave some love and understanding, or tell me how they were served by what I wrote, and that’s priceless, I think.

So, what’s next? We just keep doing our thing, I guess. For me, that means slaying the usual lists, making the content, painting the paintings, and coming in here as often as I can to keep you posted on the state of Effy. Thank you again for being here for the ride, no matter how many days you wrote/read.

We rock!


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