First of all, hello and HAPPY 1st DAY OF NOVEMBER!

I am thrilled to announce that Book Of Days 2019 AND ALL MY OTHER PROGRAMS are now open for registration. Before I get to that, though, I have winners to announce!

We had 335 entries in the giveaway for a free seat in Book Of Days 2019! Thank you all for playing!

The winners are:


All winners have been notified by email. CONGRATULATIONS, and we’ll see you in BOD2019!

So, like I was saying EVERYTHING IS OPEN and I have so many wonderful offerings this year, I’m kind of blinking in wonder at it all.
Let me tell you a bit about them.

Book Of Days 2019 is a year long e-course produced by me, Effy Wild, which will feature 13 ‘all star’ journal art teachers and at least 12 ‘rising star’ bonus teachers. This course is designed to immerse you in art journaling with new content going live at the beginning of each and every month throughout the year, including full length video tutorials by Effy and her all stars, bonus content by Effy’s rising stars, interviews, journal prompts, live virtual gatherings and monthly vlogs. Along with more content than you’ll ever need to sustain your own creative practice, you will be enfolded in a community of gorgeous, wildly creative, supportive journal artists who make building and maintaining a creative practice one of their priorities. Class begins in earnest on January 1st, but there is already bonus content in the classroom.

Click here for more information.($99 early bird, $120 after December 31).

A Year Of Rumi will be a year long program beginning on December 7th, 2018, and will feature one new mixed media art journaling lesson per month with a selected Rumi quote as our guide. At the end of the year, we will have created 12 mixed media paintings that we can then scan and turn into a calendar! Instructions will be provided for that at the very end of our 12 months together.

While we will be working within the realm of “Art Journaling”, these paintings will be done on loose bound watercolour paper, which once scanned and preserved for use in our calendar, can be ‘tipped’ or taped in to our art journals, or bound into a collection at the end of the year.

Class begins on DECEMBER 7th, but there is already bonus content in the classroom. Click here for more information. ($99 for the year, or as a Patreon perk for $5 or $10 a month).

Moonshine 2019 is Effy Wild’s ‘woo woo container’ for art witchery & working with visual arts as a form of magic. In this class, we will work on meeting the divine within ourselves and in the world through mixed media art, art journaling as a devotional practice, and more. Moonshine is a container for the attainment of your desires, and as such, is way more than an art program. In Moonshine, we work together to make space for what we most want to show up in our lives while gently eliminating that which stands in our way.

Moonshine begins on December 31st, 2018, but includes instant access to Book Of Days Boot Camp Version 1.0 + a few introductory bonuses which you will find in the classroom. These will keep you busy before we get started in earnest!

Click here for more information. ($180 Early Bird, $207 after December 31st)

Effy365 is a GIANT BUNDLE OF ALL THE THINGS and reflects a savings of $112, and is my most generous offering in 2019! When you purchase this class, you will get ALL my classes – Book Of Days 2019, Moonshine 2019, and A Year Of Rumi, PLUS bonuses which will be released throughout the year (shhhh – it’s a surprise! But I can tell you that some of it was previously recorded, and some of it will be brand new!). This class also comes with membership in an exclusive Facebook Group meant to house our virtual gatherings, for sharing work in a less populated venue, and for more of my eyes on your work.

When you sign up for Effy365, you will be redirected to a registration page for the class. Register there (or just log in if you already have an account with me) and you will find ALL YOUR STUFF magically appearing in your student dashboard.

Click here for more information. ($365)



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